Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Laryngitic Lethargy

My voice disappeared yesterday afternoon, so I have spent the day in bed or rugged up in front of the computer. I decided I might as well try Intermittent Fasting since I'm barely hungry anyway, and I'm close to the fridge should things get icky.

So, at noon I broke free of the doona & pillow prison, and had The Usual, plus three prawn (shrimp) skewers since I had defrosted them and they were going in the bin otherwise. Then just before 5pm I whipped up my dinner:

Grilled salmon fillet, haloumi strips fried in a pat of butter, sauteed red cabbage and wilted baby spinach. Superb.

So the plan is now to fast until lunchtime tomorrow, or maybe dinnertime... We'll see how I go! I know I won't need as many calories today since I've been lying around, but I also want to ensure my system has enough fuel to kick this bug, kick it hard and preferably in the crotch. I need to be fit and well by the weekend, if not sooner.

At least I have time to get this blog started, and to keep up with my reading. Oh, and I'm on Twitter now too - anyone know a good blogger gadget for sharing tweets? The ones I've looked at today have been pretty ugly...

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