Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Today's Tucker - 28/04/09


"The Usual"

"The Usual" is two organic eggs, cold meat (usually ham or bacon) and cheese (usually cheddar or parmesan). I have never photographed The Ususal, but will do so next time. For now, here's how it is prepared:

Heat 1T butter or coconut oil in frying pan til it melts and coats pan evenly.
Crack the two eggs into a mug or small bowl, then whisk (with a fork, if you're me) until yolk and white is well combined. Pour into pan (in one go, or in two halves for thinner omelettes and more fillings). Wait for mixture to start 'setting' around the edges, and flip over.
Chop meat and cheese finely, and sprinkle in a line down the centre of the omelette. Fold the egg 'wings' over the fillings, and press to seal the wings in place.
Wait for about 30 seconds, and then flip whole omelette so that the join is face-down. Wait until cheese is likely to be completely melted, then serve and enjoy!

Prep time - no more than 5 minutes if you cook the eggs together.


Tuna. Yes, tuna. As in the 75g of canned meat that comes swimming in 25g of water. I took it to work 'just in case I was hungry'. I usually can skip lunch, to have an early dinner at around 5 or 6pm. This habit has developed for two reasons: 1. I rarely have time to prepare, pack and actually EAT lunch at work, and 2. I am trying to only eat when actually hungry. I would like to ultimately try Intermittent Fasting, but while I'm working such long days, this isn't a good time to mess with my mealtime structure. Come 1pm, I was definitely hungry, thanks to fighting this cold, and the smaller portion of cheese in my omelette. The tiny touch of tuna did the trick. (Yes, if you hadn't picked it up from the title of this post, and the title of this blog, I always appreciate alliteration.)


Picked up a roast chook from the local - I get the legs and wings, the boy gets the breasts (typical male...). I also get ALL the skin, and give the bones a good gnawing to slurp out the nutritious and delicious marrow.

Sauteed a couple of cups of red cabbage in 1T of butter. I now have an addiction where cabbage is concerned. If I get cabbage as part of my meal, I don't even think about dessert.

Steamed some cauliflower, chucked a bit of crispy bacon and cheddar on top, then broiled until the cheese melted.

All served with a serve of baby spinach. Bon appetit!

No photos this first time around, but I shall endeavour to take photos of all dinners from now on, and get a snap of my delicious breakfast for you all to drool over. I particularly like waggling my breakfast in front of cereal devotees, who tend to stare at me with mouths agape. Mwahahaha!!

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