Wednesday, April 29, 2009

What's this Primal business anyhow?

There are many many fantastic blogs and websites exploring what Mark Sisson refers to as The Primal Blueprint. Rather than regurgitate all the information I have been digesting and processing for the last six months, I refer y'all to Mark's site, and to the list of blogs running to the right on my blog. I won't be summarising recent findings or anything like that, since the information is already out there for you to find (and I really don't have the time). Rather, I will be using this blog to serve as anecdotal evidence for anyone interested in the Primal lifestyle.

By the way, I started cutting sugar, grains and starches on the 1st of January, 2009. Since then, I've dropped 9kg, and am perhaps 5kg away from my ideal healthy weight. I don't exercise formally, but I walk to work, and my job involves lots of walking and standing and bending - not a lot of sitting.

I want to refer you to the following two videos which sum up the ideology and scientific background behind the Primal lifestyle in an accessible way:


Anonymous said...

First video >> wasn't dairy allowed in primal?
Otherwise, hilarious & epic.

H.Kelly Poems said...

Its admirable that you would cut out sugar. You're a better woman than me, sugar (chocolate especially) is my high. I don't smoke, so its been like a personal vice.

Jezwyn said...

Cutting out sugar is easy if you're motivated to do so. The cravings go away pretty quickly, and you start noticing the sweetness in fruit more significantly, and even in veggies like cabbage! My vice is chocolate as well, so when I was 100% primal I ate 100% dark chocolate/cacao. I still have lots in my pantry - it's way too bitter unless you've cut out sugar from the rest of your diet!

Being able to resist sugar is not a mark of 'better' or 'worse' people. Do what works for you - no one has the right to make you feel inferior for your choices. If chocolate makes you feel good, and you have no noticeable health reasons to compel you to cut it out, go for it!