Thursday, August 19, 2010

We Interrupt To Bring You The Following...

That there, my friends, is the way I presented my Choc-Avocado Mousse at a pot luck gathering last week - surrounded by whipped cream and fresh strawberries. Mmmm! I also brought along my Coconut Chicken Curry and cauliflower rice; another hit, especially since everyone was expecting nothing more substantial than finger food snacks. Faces lit up once they had real food in their bellies (and not just because they could now 'safely' drink more alcohol!).

I've been run off my feet of late, with illness hitting my household, and the end of the year for my seniors sneaking ever-closer. So that, along with more rip-offs of my recipes floating around the Internet, has been killing my urge to blog regularly. I know there's no such thing as true culinary originality, but if you're going to steal my primal/paleo recipes to put on your own blog, you could at least change the quantities and photos... Or, even better, give me the credit I'm due. I always do. After all, my main drive for taking risks in the kitchen is to inspire you guys - I could happily live on nothing but sausages for the rest of my days.

For those of you who can't fathom the idea of snag after snag (you clearly haven't tried Jonathan's sausages!), you will soon have a huge recipe resource at your virtual fingertips:

I was invited by Doug of Health Habits a while back to offer up some of my tastiest primal recipes to be part of a collaborative Paleo e-Cookbook. Since then, a massive number of primal cooks have jumped on board (and I've been traveling through their blogs to see what kind of stuff they're offering up, which has lead me to the sad face I demonstrated earlier...), and the resource is promising to be quite an exciting product! The best part - it will be free! Doug's effort is to get paleo nutrition out there, and remove the mystery of what you can cook with paleo ingredients. Some of the recipes are, of course, going to get the "bleurgh neolithic re-enactment is EVIL" fascists' knickers in a twist, but who cares? If the average parent who wants their kids to be healthy find the book and starts making cookies without gluten grains and sugar, I call that a win.

So, keep an eye out in late September. I will be sharing the book through my blog as soon as it's available. But, for goodness' sake, if you try the recipes and put the results on your own blog, share the link love. You'll make that person who went through a lot of produce perfecting the balance of ingredients just so you could do it yourself without a risk very, very happy.


Kat said...

Oh my that looks delicious! I really need to try that choc-avocado mousse.

Sorry that your recipes have been ripped off (and photos too? What the heck!). I mean, how hard is it for someone to at least put a link back to here? If they have benefited from your recipes, then wouldn't their readers benefit from visiting your blog too?

I saw the preview of that cookbook and I'm already excited. Can't wait for it to come out.

dan said...

Someone stole your recipes?? That sucks!

Grain Free Goddess said...

Oh, that looks so pretty!

That is just wrong about the plagiarism. I have a very basic recipe blog going and know from experience that each recipe (with pictures) takes time to develop.

Sounds like a great cookbook though!

Darc said...

This looks TOO delicious, I'm going to try it this weekend!

I never fail to be amazed at the audacity of human rip-off your recipes, which you share so freely.

I will make you a pledge right now and all public and stuff: If I ever see a recipe that I know to be yours, especially if I can compare it with one of your pictures, I will OUT that person right there on his or her own blog.

Anonymous said...

Please don't stop posting recipes just because of a few jerks! Sometimes I just can't think of a thing to fix and your recipes are such an inspiration

alexistheloveofmylife said...

I just found this blog! My husband and I have just restarted a primal diet. We're also lactose intolerant, so I love how many of your recipes (so far as I've read) don't include milk!

Jezwyn said...

Thanks for the anti-plagiarism love all! I've been really stunned by some of the prominent places they've been popping up...

Alex's wife - congratulations! Some of my recipes have cheese, but often that can be omitted. Some also have cream, but coconut cream is always an option. I'm off dairy again now, possibly for good, since it seems to be a root cause of my acne issues (although they do only really appear once a month otherwise...). Sometimes you just have to have cheese though... I'm trying to develop a taste for sheep & goat's cheese, but it's hard. Goat's milk feta is good on pizza though - a bit of basil, a bit of sun-dried tomato... Mmmm! But hey, sub out the cheese and it's still bloody good! :D Are you using much coconut milk, or almond milk? The former helps you get lots of healthy fats - I could live on coconut curries!