Thursday, October 14, 2010

Catching Up

My seniors are wrapping up their year of classes this week, leaving me with marking and one-on-one sessions with stressed 17 & 18 year olds preparing for the exams that they think determine the rest of their lives...

Thus, I'm worn out at the end of every day, so my evenings (save for Monday's belly dancing class) are usually filled with relaxation activities: reading books, getting massages (once), hanging out in the hammock (often, now that the weather is getting nicer), and watching light entertainment programs.

But, amidst all the stress-dodging and rest-seeking, I've also been eating really well. I'm sticking to meat and vegetables, with lots of animal fat and coconut oil, and I'm even seeing some progress via the scales. I am enjoying solid energy levels, and have added a new fun activity to my day - hula hooping! I've only done it a couple of times, to minimise boredom, and I can spin the hoop almost 100 times around my waist! I bought a weighted, large hoop, with red and silver holographic stripes, and I feel like a circus princess!

Here are a few of the delicious meals I've been enjoying, for your viewing pleasure:

Haloumi Salad
Surf and Turf
Cauliflower Pizza
Spit Roast Lamb
Sashimi Salad
Sashimi and Bacon Saute
And then there was the 900g grass-fed rib-eye steak we found at St. Jude's Cellars in Fitzroy, easily devoured by the beau and I after a long day of walking in the sunshine, book hunting, and carrying around a brand-new, weighted hula hoop!

Huge Rib-Eye Steak
Steak go bye-bye :)

No More Rib-Eye Steak
GGP go bye-bye!


kerri said...

what is that DELICIOUS looking pizza-like fare? do you have a recipe? keep up the great blogging...

Jezwyn said...

Thanks! Certainly do - go to my recipe index and look for 'Cauliflower Pizza', it's the best!

Aaron Curl said...

I wish my food turned out so good looking. I guess I don't try real hard though, so it's my fault. Wonderful foodporn.

Liz said...

You are gourmet! Your dishes look delightful and yummy!

Jezwyn said...

Aw, thanks guys! And I'll be investing in a cutting-edge digital camera quite soon - the one I've had my eye on is on massive sale at Myer, just in time for me to cash in some credit card points on Myer vouchers!

Tara said...

Man your food looks good! I'm wondering what your training/body comp objectives are right now. Are you looking to lose some body fat? My body is hanging on to my last 10 or 15 pounds come hell or high water. Looking for ideas....

Love your blog, but it always makes me hungry :)


Jezwyn said...

Thanks Tara! Sorry for causing hunger pangs! :)

I am still battling to heal from the hormonal damage done early this year thanks to a drug prescribed to help heal some nerve damage. This drug caused me to gain all my weight back (and then some), and it's proving quite difficult to shake it off again. However, I've seen some progress in the past couple of weeks, which could be due to the warmer weather and frequency of sunbathing - vitamin D, adequate sleep cycle, relaxation, etc... I'm also seeing a lot of toning from belly dancing, so my fat is getting jiggly and disappearing faster because it tends to get in the way of the physical activities I want to do. I never used to believe the whole 'teach your body that it needs to do certain activities and it will shape itself to suit' but my mind is changing... I'm not consuming a caloric deficit (I did plan to originally, but I'm just eating to satiety), just focusing on meat, fat and veggies, with nuts and berries occasionally.

Good for you being down to the last little bit of excess! My approach at that stage would be to eat more fat so my body would know it doesn't need to hold onto any, do more physical activity which would be easier without the extra fat, and get lots and lots of sun and rest. I also love to fast regularly - I've been breaking my overnight fast later and later, whilst still trying not to eat after 7:30pm - and that's been helping, at least while I've been able to avoid excess stress.

Good luck!

Jeff said...

These dishes look so good! I love lots of tomatoes in my salads as well. One of my favourite combinations is sliced tomatoes, sliced avocados and goat cream cheese topped with olive oil and balsamic vinegar.