Friday, January 15, 2010

Sun, Socialising, & Slacking Off!

I must say, this week has been quite delightful. I've been feeling very healthy, thanks to my plan of only consuming animal products and absolutely no fibre, I've been getting a good dose of sunshine every day (even on days where the temperature hit 40°C - I made sure to get my sunbathing done before noon!), I've been spending time with good friends, and I've been indulging in some of my favourite pastimes: inventing recipes, designing and creating jewellery, watching great comic performers, and procrastinating! Perfection!

Now for the food:


Chipollatas from Jonathan's for breakfast. Yum!!!

Upped the fat with some cream cheese and double cream. Washed down with some sub-par ham from a packet - ew. Too hot to cook.

As the heatwave continued, we decided to stay in the air-conditioned bedroom and scoff some rotisserie chicken from the local awesome store. Then some more fat-upping with cream cheese and cream.


Woke up to another decent drop in weight. Upping fat intake is the greatest! But I couldn't wait for my fresh supply of coconut oil and lard...

After the night stayed hot, cooking breakfast was not a fun idea. Fortunately, I had a fridge full of delicious chicken!

Then it was time for some more delicious sausages from Jonathan's - lamb & basil!

I ended the sauna of a day with some fresh sashimi, prepared by me of course! I could eat it every day - I think I need to go and seduce a fish merchant so I can enjoy fresh salmon without the price tag! Plus I just found out that most of the salmon in local stores is farmed in Tasmania :( The organic butcher sells wild salmon though, or so they say...


A reappearance by my new favourite cooked meat - the lamb & basil sausages from Jonathan's!

Then for lunch, a return to an old favourite - a lamb forequarter chop and some bacon, plus a bit of hungarian salami.

I hit Terra Rossa in the CBD to catch up with an old, wonderful friend, and their online menu was very exciting! Unfortunately, the reality was less exciting. First was a teeny piece of fairly tasty fish (on a bunch of ignored salsa)...

... followed by a wedge of the WORST French brie I have EVER eaten! Utterly grotesque: so salty that it burned my throat, and somehow the saltiness even got into my nostrils! I felt as though I was swimming in the ocean, was dunked by a massive wave, and had my sinuses ravaged by angry seawater! :( As you can imagine, I'm not about to dignify the cheese with a photo appearance on my blog!


The day of the big board game party (not as lame as it sounds, I promise!)! The day was spent cleaning and cooking and getting ready to spend the evening with some of my favourite people :)

I ate light all day to leave room for much barbecued goodness in the evening, so I fasted until lunch, at which point I tried a new kind of sausage from Jonathan's - chicken and terragon. Delicious!!

And then it was party time!

First up, I served up a cheese platter - cheddar, brie, basil pesto, kabana, and salami. Of course, I was obliged to also provide crackers, but this time I added a primal option of my own concoction... First, a bit of background info - my mother loves her soy & linseed crackers, which I have now expressly forbidden her to consume (of course! There's about five kinds of unfermented soy in those bad, BAD boys!). I told her that I would create a tasty replacement for her... I originally planned to use linseed (flax) meal, but I decided to go for sunflower seeds that I would process myself. Since sunflower seeds leave some flavour to be desired, so I added sesame seeds into the mix... The full recipe will be coming soon, but here's a snapshot of these delicious wonders to whet your appetite:

Tasty, healthy, crispy, and solid enough to use with dips!

We barbecued various meats for the main, and I made two fresh salads to serve with the meats:

Shredded Salad - cos (romaine) lettuce, carrot, alfalfa sprouts, green & red capsicum (bell peppers), aged cheddar, and walnuts.

Circle Salad - butter lettuce, radishes, carrots, cherry tomatoes, sunflower seeds, and blueberries!

I, of course, ignored my tasty salads, and instead feasted on meaty goodness! Lamb forequarter chop, beef & chive sausage (yes, from Jonathan's!), lamb & basil sausages, and a chipollata. I could live on sausages from Jonathan's - the perfect amount of spices & herbs, and no sugar or grain!

For dessert - mini butterfly cake versions of the Chocolate Cream Cakes made of egg and cocoa!

A HUGE hit as always - less fruit than the full-size version (which I picked off and gave to the beau anyway), but still rich and satisfying!

Additionally, I enjoyed the surprising twist created by adding blueberries to the butterfly cakes - here's looking at you, deliciousness!

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