Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Bits & Pieces


I'm still fasting til dinner most work days, with a couple of low calorie days and some high calorie days, and things are going really well! Here are some of the nourishing dinners propelling my metabolism and nutrition as I focus on trimming down and improving my belly dancing:
Tangy Italian Chicken in Bacon
Chicken drumsticks, roasted whilst woven with bacon, served with a sauté of green cabbage, zucchini, green capsicum, carrot, and fresh basil.
Cauliflower Pizza
More cauli pizza, with grilled salmon and a typical veggie sauté.
Jonathan's chipollatas, scrambled eggs, and a veggie sauté.
Chunky Chicken Burger, a hard boiled egg, beetroot, and veggie sauté.
Beef pocket steak, and veggie sauté.
I dressed the beau as a Hulk Hogan-esque 80's wrestler, complete with artificial abs and injuries! I really should have been a stage make-up artist, considering the number of people who were convinced by the gash and the six-pack! ;)
It wouldn't be fair to post a shot of the beau without also putting my own goth-ish belly dancing costume up for speculation! Baring my less-than-twiglet-esque midriff took some serious, er, guts... But thankfully everyone was pretty much distracted by my bust! Note the wig and the fake tan - now that's commitment! 

I've officially worn through my VFF KSOs! Pretty happy with the location of the dull zone too - hip hip hooray for VFFs! What's more, the number of stockists in Australia apparently exploded in the past year, and one in Melbourne is having a MASSIVE 60% off sale, bringing all styles down under the $100 mark! That's a big change from the $200+ I would have been paying before, or $150 if I shipped from the US again... Woohoo!
Glad it's fine weather right now, since this tiny patch of exposed fabric will have to keep me going for another few weeks!

The beetroot that I served myself in a meal posted above was pretty tasteless (and not organic, which I found out later, explaining everything...) so I fed the raw leftovers to the guinea pigs. Now, from certain angles, Toffee's beet-fest was only minimally noticeable, but from others...


WalkslikeFox said...

Brilliant foodie pictures as always, but the winner just has to be "Vampire guinea pig". Fantastic!

Lydia said...

Your food looks scrumptious.

Congratulations on the bellydance success! I'm so happy you're having a good time with it.

Tara said...

I am going to make those chicken thighs this weekend. They look amazing!

I'm interested in your high/low calorie days. Have you written more about it before? I'm trying to find out more details on your site. My body responds well to shaking things up too so I'm intrigued to learn more about what that looks like for you.

Your guinea pig is absolutely adorable. I showed my 7 year old daughter and she giggled like a maniac.

Oh, and "ugh" to the nonorganic beets. I've never had a conventional beet that tasted like anything but bitter wood. The small, baby organic ones in the summer is the only way to go, but I gather you know that.

p.s. I get so excited when Google REader lets me know that you have a new post. I just love your site and the genuine way that you write.

freeagent said...

Your food ideas are tops however, your guinea pig will give me nightmares forever. I knew they they were evil!

Jezwyn said...

Thanks for the comments! I better post some cute pictures of my boys, lest my readers develop an unnecessary phobia of the cutest, most harmless critters alive! (I prefer cats and dogs, but they're not even slightly harmless! It feels weird keeping herbivores, I must say...)

Tara, I've talked vaguely about how important it is to prevent your body adjusting to a particular way of eating/exercising when you're trying to make changes to your physique and such, but never dedicated a particular post to it. If you look at the posts tagged 'Alternate Day Fasting' I probably linked to some good sources of information. I might have time tomorrow to do a bit of a run-down on what I'm trying and why (gut flora, metabolism, muscle replenishment, etc), but I'm not making hard and fast rules because really I'm just doing what feels good within the realm of carb and calorie cycling and fasting.

Definite 'ugh' to non-organic anything at this point - tasteless beets, watery carrots, even asparagus is drained of its subtle flavours. I have access to pretty big organic beets here though, so I guess Australia is more beet-friendly! From Spring around to Autumn, they're pretty easy to find. I was avoiding them since they pack a decent heft of sugar, but now that I'm playing with carbs again they're back on the menu!

Liz said...

I love the recent food posts - everything looks so good! But as others have mentioned, I was compelled to post based on the guinea pig photos! Soooo funny! I used to have them when I was a kid and they really are the sweetest, cutest little things! Brought me back to childhood and I'm STILL laughing out loud at the beet-eater photo! Thanks!

Bern said...

Jezwyn, can you tell me where to find VVF's in Melbourne?? just moved here, just about to start training for a half marathon and want to train with minimalist footwear from the start!
Bern :)

Jezwyn said...

Hi Bern! The number of stockists in Melbourne has exploded of late - here's an 'official' list from the Aussie vibram site:

Of course, they're much cheaper to import, but delivery would take a while. I recently bought two pairs through which is a Chinese dealer, but they're the real deal for a fraction of the price.

Bern said...

Thanks for that!
Yes I am planning importing from Asia or America (it's great while the Aus dollar is doing so well). Just wanted to find somewhere to try on and get sizing/a feel for them.
I want to train for the Run Melbourne half marathon and figure if I start training in a barefoot/minimalist footwear style now, I should be up for the distance in some VVF's by then!