Wednesday, November 17, 2010

You asked for it!

Last post, I introduced you to the herbivores in my life, but lest my quirky picture forever brand harmless, vulnerable (and boring) little cavies (guinea pigs) as vampiric terrors in your minds and dreams forever, let me off-set that image with some more shots of my photogenic boys.

A photo album isn't complete without baby photos:

Baby Sunny

Baby Toffee
 The rest are from a trip to my parents' farm, where the boys had their first experience of sitting in the grass - something sorely lacking in the Collingwood apartment we were all living in at the time!

Look ma, no bloods!


WalkslikeFox said...

Gorgeous! But I thought vampire Guinea was cute too :)

Dr. B G said...

OMG!!!! O M G !!!

Soooooo cute! They grow fast...

Rip said...
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