Saturday, January 16, 2010

Recipe: Meatza!!

Tomorrow morning, the beau and I will be boarding a plane to the Gold Coast of Queensland, to meet up with his family for a week of relaxation and socialisation (and probably a hefty amount of Australian Open watching) at the family holiday apartment in northern New South Wales. I will not have Internet access, so I will be all kinds of offline until next Sunday at least.

To use up the last of the deli meats in the fridge before we leave, I made one of our favourite meals that I haven't posted as an official recipe as yet. Many primal/paleo peeps have had a crack at a meat-crust pizza, often going to elaborate lengths for flavour and consistency. For me, the flavours of grass-fed beef and some tasty toppings are plenty, and my choices this evening made for a very exciting carnivorous meal!

Recipe: Meatza!


500g beef mince
4 pastured eggs
100g shaved ham
50g salami or crispy bacon
50g grated parmesan cheese (optional)
Other tasty toppings: tomatoes, onions, bell peppers, olives, anchovies, etc.


Preheat oven to 200°C. Line a pizza tray with baking paper.

Blend minced beef and eggs, either by hand or in a food processor. Using a processor or stick blender helps to create a tightly meshed crust.

Spread mixture onto baking paper, keeping the mixture even and as thin as possible. Mine appears quite orange due to the eggs that I used - from a friend's chickens raised on pasture. Little nutrition powerhouses!

Place the base into the hot oven until browned - around 10 minutes.

Meanwhile, prepare toppings - I chopped up my ham and salami, plus some green capsicum (bell peppers) and tomatoes for the beau, and grated some special Parmesan cheese.

Remove base from oven and remove any excess juices. Top with toppings as desired. (If using cheese, sprinkle the base with cheese first, then layer on other toppings, finishing with more cheese to bind toppings together.)

Bake until base is cooked through (and cheese has melted).

Serve while hot - also tasty the next day!

Yum! So that was dinner - my side sans veg, the beau's with copious amounts of veg & cheese.

Also of note was today's breakfast/lunch - an organic lamb roast, cooked to perfection, leaving a little pink in the centre... As always, far too much meat for just two servings, but I do love seeing my half of the meat piled up onto my tiny plate, even if I only eat half of it in one sitting :)

So off I go up north, where I will be able to continue my all-meat diet without issue thanks to the beau's mother being a follower of my blog and big supporter of my efforts and learnings :D I've just finished a few days of higher calorie eating to rev up my metabolism, so it's back to meat and eggs now to let ketosis do its thing. I won't be able to calculate caloric intake so I'll be eating to satiety and maybe sticking to breakfast and dinner to get my system in order.

Farewell for a week, and I'll leave you with a link to Dr. A's excellent article regarding why eating 'Pink Ribbon' cakes and cookies in order to spread awareness of breast cancer is a stupid, stupid idea. Read about the Wurzberg Diet for Cancer Patients. Bye!!


Judith said...

That looks very good, I will try it. (Sometime!) Have seen quite a few references to "meatza" but haven't ever cooked it, your recipe looks simplicity itself. Love the photos! Enjoy you hols.

Deanna said...

Ah, that's my kind of primal pizza! I've actually used the beef and egg base myself, topped it with a variety of cheeses and some salsa, and dubbed it "Mexican pizza." Hubby loves it.

I also love the breakfast/dinner approach to eating when you can't count calories. I visited a friend in New York (brr!) and while she's totally open to my way of eating, not being able to measure stuff made me wary. At least our dinners involved lamb chops, bison, salmon, eggs, bacon, and all other kinds of goodness!

Anonymous said...

Yummy looking metza!!!!!!!!!!!! haha love your site i added you to my blogroll!

John Speno said...

Made one last night. Put spices (salt, garlic, oregano) in the meat and egg mixture and it was very good. Ate a whole pound of grass fed ground beef split over 4 hours that way. Nice stuff.