Thursday, November 6, 2014

Why I Don't Bother Blogging Anymore

Hi all,

Since I've just taken a second to check and publish a bunch of comments, I thought it might be timely to drop a line and response to those who keep asking why I'm not blogging anymore.

Although this has been happening to me ever since I started blogging, and often in much more vile forms, this recently found example neatly highlights the three issues that kept rearing up and breaking my heart when I was still active online.

If you'd like to flip back to last year's 'Annual Post', and scroll down to the comments, you'll see this:

Yep, a delightful commenter decided to take it upon himself to:

1) Declare himself judge of what is and isn't "doing Paleo right";
2) Decide that my sweeping comment about eating mostly grilled meat (which, as everyone who has followed my for a while, means fatty lamb chops) is sufficient for him to fully ascertain the macronutrient balance of my diet;
3) Be a sexist, condescending asshole.

If only Christopher was the only asshole commenter I've ever had to deal with...

Never mind the blatant irony of his choice of post to comment on, this kind of dogmatic and unsolicited judgment pervades the Internet. Perhaps he's a young 'bro' who hasn't had his head beaten in by the fists of manners and maturity yet - I know I used to be quick to offer judgments on the diets of others, but even then, only when asked. Perhaps he's my grocery delivery man and has noticed that I buy less coconut oil these days (I'm still making my way through the 10L tub I bought years ago). Perhaps he's upset that my post noted that I'm still losing weight when I want to, despite eating grapes and sweet potato whenever I want. No matter his reason, I bet he wouldn't have commented that way if I were male. 

I'm sure he has his reasons for being an absolute c-nut, but I'm not interested in dealing with people like him anymore. Food doesn't control my life, and I don't have to obsess about it in order to manage my weight. The only thing that screw with my body, in fact, is stress - if I'm stressed, I gain weight, no matter what I'm eating. 

So. Apologies to those of you who are decent, supportive, and not fond of swearing, but here's what happens when I'm angry and not willing to take someone's crap anymore:

Fuck off, Christopher, and all the idiot men like you who think it's your place to judge someone online, to put them down to make yourself feel better. Fuck off, and grow up. 



Geoff said...

I know it's tough sometimes, but just ignore those asshats. It's easy for them to be hammerheads behind the relative anonymity of a comment to a blog post.

There is no one-size fits all, keep doing your thing.

Dave said...

I think that's fair enough. You're one of the few people I enjoyed following, but if blogging isn't your thing any more, then such is life.

I think it's fine give something up when it stops being enjoyable. It's just a shame that often, the vocal minority turn out to be idiots.

Thanks for the update!

Tracey said...

Do what you have to do, girl, and best of luck to you. Sexist trolls can really sap your energy, and if you don't feel like dealing with it, you just don't. I used to be an avid feminist blogger, and I got tired of the name-calling, lesbian-baiting and rape threats long before I finally tired of blogging.

genius786 said...
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Buccaneer said...

Hey, nice to run into your blog. i am all meat and eggs guy myself. i occassionally add a few low carb veggies such as tomatoes, brocolli, beans into my soups and stews (cook them well so that they are soft and the fiber is completely broked down).

always feel great on this diet. mental sharpnesss is awesome.

i find hard to find chicks into this though. thats the missing part. every time i date someone, the girl when finds that i am rigid about my diet, runs away in no time!!! :)

RedDuster said...

Its a shame you aren't blogging any longer. When i was doing Paleo, wow must be 4+ years ago, i used to love coming to your site for inspiration. While it perhaps it didn't fall within the parameters of so called paleo back then, I was always grateful for your ideas.
Fast forward to today and Christopher must be chewing on his pillow! Things have changed so much in the paleosphere, as it should. I noticed in your reading list that you have been over on Free The Animal and it appears that fats and starches may not be the enemy the gurus imagined.
Its has been a very interesting read watching a hypothesis form and evolve. People have been posting their own experiences and observations. Quite exciting, not like the paleo experiment which felt cult-like at times.
It is quite amusing for me really, being into paleo back then and nobody here in Australia knew anything about it at all. My god, now branded "paleo" is everywhere.
I just wanted to say, a few years too late... thanks for sharing. You are a great writer and i appreciate your creative mind. cheers!!

Anonymous said...

I've read a few of your posts and have enjoyed them, although I am a bit late to the party. I'm in your camp that it is more important to keep balance in your diet and eliminate the processed foods. As far as anyone knowing what kind of diet we had 2 million years ago - well, its all supposition. We do know what they didn't eat, and that was GMO grains and overly refined/processed foods with chemical additives.

If you respond, I'd be happy to hook up on Twitter. @JerryLGentry

Jezwyn said...

Thanks for the comments - I only check the 'pending publication' section every year or so for my own sanity, so apologies if you've been waiting! That folder fills up with spam so quickly! Hope everyone is well :)