Friday, March 5, 2010

Beefing Up My Metabolism & Fat Loss

Over the past two days, I've found myself being left unsatisfied by my protein shakes, and I started experiencing the hyperphagic effects of dairy, an experience that has been shared by others. So I'm closing off the protein shakes, although I am grateful that they helped me readjust to smaller amounts of food post-DepTran. I've also been experiencing some digestive distress, which may be due to the dairy overload or maybe due to adding potassium & magnesium supplements into my routine... I hear that the wrong dosage of these can have colourful results...

To maximise satiety & metabolic rate, and therefore fat loss, I'm heading back into my favourite way of eating - meat, meat & more meat! Fatty cuts of grass-fed/free-range meat deliver a solid amount of nutrition, calories, and satiety, so I eat as much as I can and stop when I'm just shy of full. I don't worry about calories since I know I'll be getting enough, and I seem able to burn fat even when in caloric surplus when it comes to meat... But to help me prove approximately how many calories I do burn in an average day, I have invested in a little gadget that's coming via ebay sometime next week... In the meantime, I'll be eating whatever meat I want, when I want. Down the track a little, I want to get back to experimenting with Alternate Day Fasting, but with meat as my food since it's what makes me feel healthiest.

My eats:


Protein shakes all day, and then two organic beef steakettes and cheesy scrambled eggs for dinner.


Protein shakes all day, then Chicken Liver Paté for dinner (see the recipe for pictures!)


To help encourage my senior students to come to an early-morning class to make up for the class we'll miss due to net Monday's public holiday, I made them a selection of primal goodies, including 'Nola. However, the item that had them grasping for a second piece was a frittata of eggs, cream, spring onion, green capsicum, and feta cheese. Originally made as mini muffins but stuck in the pans, I tore out the contents and mixed the cooked eggs with more raw eggs, to create a pie-sized maxi frittata. Solution! And there was even some left for my breakfast and lunch.

For dinner I bid a last farewell to dairy and veg with a plate of delicious salmon sashimi, fried haloumi (which I recently learned is closely related to saganaki, if those unfamiliar with the former know of the latter), and cheesy sautéed cabbage.


After so many days of making shakes in the morning, I totally forgot to photograph today's breakfast & lunch - Tuscan (pork & veal & herbs & spices) sausages from Jonathan's.

When I arrived home, after a long day at this year's school swimming sports, I popped a free-range pork roast in the oven, and staved of hunger with a few slices of free-range bacon.

A couple of hours later, I removed the pork roast from the oven, cut through its delicious crackling and revealed it's juicy, perfectly cooked centre... Ahhhhh - heaven!

Hurrah for a long weekend! The timing could not be better! Here's hoping the forecast humidity comes with some actual sunlight, since my exhaustion after the immenseness of this past week is starting to manifest itself as a head cold... Prescription: Rest, Vitamin D, Rest, Meat, and Rest!


x x x x Sarah said...

So does dairy make you eat more? I noticed dairy was a big bingey kind of food but i wasn't sure why.

x x x x Sarah said... it because dairy has growth hormone in it?

Shantel said...

What gadget did you get? I have a GoWear Fit and I love it! I find when my diet it protein/fat heavy I eat only when hungry and I'm always satisfied. It's also easier to do intermittent fasting because for some reason my hunger goes way down. It's definitely the way to go for me too. And dairy...UGH! I haven't had ANY in almost 6 weeks and feel (and look) radiant!!

Methuselah said...

That's the ticket - fatty meat. I could happily live on it. I just throw in the veg, fish and eggs for variety. Are you really giving up veg or did I misread?

Jezwyn said...


Usually I'm fine with including a bit of dairy, but it is a big part of my diet during the Six-Week Cure shake weeks and doesn't satisfy the way meat does. I would never consume dairy with growth hormone involved in its production. I could eat organic, full-fat cream endlessly, despite its fat percentage.


Yep, I've bought a GoWear Fit after reading about your experiences with it :D My diet is always mostly fat & then protein - the only carbs I was usually getting in my day were from dairy, and even then it was less than 10g usually. So it's weird that I'm no longer satisfied by dairy alone - I need meat in the mix.


Yep, getting back to what I know and trust, and what I grew up eating! It's was always fatty meat at home, and then a few bits of veg if we wanted, but they were usually overcooked peas and beans, etc. Ick. I don't need the variety afforded by veg to feel satisfied psychologically by my food, and my digestion prefer a no-fibre diet. The meat I get is high-quality, grass-fed meat from a local farm, so it's high in the nutrients I'd be struggling to extract from veg. I also have weekly access to wild-caught fish, woohoo!

Katelyn said...

So glad you are going back to ZC! I will be 1 year ZC on March 16th, 29th birthday!