Monday, March 8, 2010

Violent Storms & Wild Meats

Here's what my part of the world looked like on Saturday:

My suburb wasn't too affected, given that we're up on a hill, but there was still a river of hail and rain plummeting down our angled driveway, past my position at the computer room window! I was lucky enough not to be caught outside for long, though when the winds first kicked up I ran out to get the guinea pigs in from their grazing area, and was hit in the head by one of the first golfball-sized hail stones. My head still hurts to the touch, although the skin wasn't broken. I just try not to think about what might have happened had the hailstone hit my head just a few centimetres south of where it did - a direct blow to the temple doesn't often end well...

And the most surprising part? Just two hours prior to the wildest storm I've experienced in my lifetime, I was lying out in the backyard, bathing in the gorgeous, if diffused, sunlight!

So even though I spent the weekend feeling less than wonderful, my food was inspiring and delicious and varied!


Breakfast - Tuscan sausages from Jonathan's, fried in ghee.

Lunch: two organic lamb forequarter chops with two slices of smoke, free-range bacon, plus a blob of butter for extra fat.

Dinner: chicken drumsticks, roasted in the slow-cooker in a TONNE of coconut oil and cumin! Yum! Rotten photo, but delicious food!


Breakfast/Lunch: two hefty pork fore-quarter chops, with lots of tasty fat!

Dinner: Kangaroo & Bacon Frittata


Breakfast/Lunch: More kanga & bacon frittata.

Early Dinner (3:30pm, ready to fast overnight): Lamb fore-quarter chops, fried in ghee and dried basil & parsley, served with a bit of extra butter which was not eaten - the meat was tasty enough alone.

With only a few days of cutting out all carbs (except an egg or so per day, on average), I'm already feeling great, satisfied by my food, my digestion's happy, and my skin is glowing! It's wonderful when your body so clearly confirms the choices you make as being the best one for you!

Meanwhile, in case you subscribe by RSS or email and haven't seen them yet, I've turned my Recipe Index & Reference Guide into Blogger 'pages', a new gadget that Blogger has created and I'm hoping will be improved and be given all sorts of exciting formatting options. I really want to have buttons or the like linking to my key pages, etc, rather than just a text link, so we'll see how that goes... For now, you can see the links at the top of my right navigation bar, with a link back to my general blog posts. You can still comment on these pages if you want to give feedback or ask questions - I'd especially like to know what you think of the info currently in the reference guide, and if you know of any valuable and relevant material I should link to. Just pop your ideas in a comment!

Happy Labour Day long weekend, Aussies!


Sandy said...

Mmm, sausages. I'm IFing today, and those images of sausage are just making me wish it were tomorrow morning already.

Not gonna lie, I will always be a bit jealous of all the "exotic" meats you Aussies get to munch on. I took a trip to Australia once in high school, ate some emu, and could have died happy right there.

Katelyn said...

Welcome back to ZC :). I'd love to try kangaroo myself.

Anonymous said...

Kangaroo and bacon frittata! I have a friend in Perth who talks about how good kangaroo meat is. I'd love to try it.