Saturday, February 26, 2011

Bits & Pieces II

I have so many things I want to post about (including some new recipes!) but, with my birthday coming up on Monday, and the school play kicking into rehearsal mode, I'm finding myself spending fewer and fewer hours in front of my computer.

However, the latest gargantuan post by the even-handed and intellectual Denise Minger from Raw Food SOS (the writer and location of the exceptional take-down of The China Study), is an elegant dissection of the sat-fat-phobia that remains all-pervasive in the USDA, influencing their 2010 Food Guidelines. As Denise says:

Bottom line: These guidelines will guide you alright—straight to your spot in the pharmacy line. Look elsewhere for advice if you’re serious about your health.

 In a recent discussion with an old friend of mine, I listened to a description of frustration: my friend was spending 8 hours a week in the gym, mostly doing cardio, "not dieting" but somehow restricting herself to 1600kcal a day and not consuming ANY saturated fat. This friend is trying to slim down for a special event, and yet is finding herself gaining belly fat. I tried to explain to her the causes of her gain (over-training, cortisol imbalance, insufficient food, no dietary fat so minimal vitamin absorption, etc) but the likelihood of her taking my word over the dominant messages coming from 'health' magazines, websites and most medical professional is, for want of a better word, slim.

Weight Watchers is happening at my school again for interested staff, so I have to try to block out the rants coming from the other part of the staffroom explaining how good these 5-point buns are, the perfect morning tea, keeps you full til lunch! ... *facepalm*

Even though I'm still relaxing my approach to food, at least I know what I'm doing and why, and I'm following the advice that my body gives me and that my reading has developed. My anger over the lies the diet industry and lipophobes have spread since before my lifetime was strong enough - I almost hope the Weight Watchers folks never see the day when the media finally reports the current metabolic and dietetic science; what a way to then regret the wasted years.

Let's hope that, in any case, the information comes out soon so that this generation's bevy of genetically-cursed children of metabolically damaged mothers and fathers have a hope of out-living those parents.

Think of the babies! Won't someone think of the babies?!!
Now I will leave you and return to my song-writing for my little vocal group, play with my kettlebells, help my kitten burn off some energy, and get excited about seeing Lily Tomlin tonight! Last night: Tim Minchin! This birthday girl is truly spoiled!


kimboosan said...

Wow, do I sympathize with this post. I am a veteran of the "the diet wars" and I know how annoying "diet evangelicals" are, so I try to keep my paleo preaching sidelined. But friends go on about all the fat-free foods they are eating, and all I see is a mass of fake food, grains and sugar on their plate. I see women behind me in line at the grocery story with carts full of "diet" food and I just want to cry.

I know none of them will listen to me; so I hope, as you do, that the news gets out to these people. In the meantime I just keep plugging along.

Sigi said...

One of my good friends at work has announced she is starting WW (again) next Monday. I feel your pain (and anticipate mine for the next few months...)

Happy birthday for next Monday, Jezwyn! Love your blog. :)

darc said...

what, what, WHAT is that adorable baby?!?!?

Judith said...

Yes indeed. How I wish I had discovered this way of eating earlier before my metabolism got well and truly screwed. Oh well. Better late ...

Lily Tomlin! Tim Minchin! Tim is just brilliant. Envious! Happy birthday.

Jezwyn said...

Thanks guys! I'm teaching today, and I've already come very close to shutting up my chattier kids with a pleading "Come on, be quiet, it's my birthday!" ;)

It's a baby polar bear!! I want one!! Come on, it's my birthday... :D

Kelleigh Orthmann said...

Happy birthday from Alaska and all of our polar bears!

darc said...

I'm sorry, I got so caught up in the utter cuteness of that little cub I forgot to wish you a Happy Birthday, and now I'm late!

I hope you had a great day, even without a little polar bear to cuddle. :)

Dr. B G said...


(my comment got eaten up at work *urg sigh*)

HAPPY (BELATED) BDAY!!! Hope Tomlin was s*xxxy, cool, funny and irreverent (LIKE YOU)!!!


Andreas B Lombardozzi said...

Hey Ms Primal,

hope all well...andreas from Nui..was made aware of you blog through a Kiwi friend...always believed our service was better than that...would not mind going through the process with you to see what happened...blessings

darc said...

It's been a while since you posted anything...hope you're ok.

Jezwyn said...

Thank you for the birthday wishes, lovelies! It's hard to believe I've been 26 for nearly a month!

Hi Andreas - please send me an email at girlgoneprimal[at] It would be great if something could be done after my emails and calls were completely ignored by you guys.

David Steele said...

Bravo. It's so easy to feel like an island, isn't it? Especially when you know you could really help someone who doesn't want to listen.

Or like this lunch time, when I was buying some lovely pastrami and the lady behind me dropped the 3 boxes of sugar cereal she was carrying because her kids were acting up so much....

But we can't throw our arms around the world, can we. Still - one at a time...

Paleolithic Nutrition said...

In my search for new paleo blogs I found you. Awesome blog! Keep the new post coming!

Marcia said...

So, I found your blog from MDA. I do like Weight Watchers, and have successfully lost weight with them.

What I like is that they adjust their plan to match the latest health research. So these days, fruits and veggies are "free". And you'll find that you get penalized for carbs but not for protein.

You're still penalized for fat though. They haven't TOTALLY caught up.