Monday, August 17, 2009

End The Mini-Experiment, End It Now!!

Am officially cutting the carbs waaaay back again - but first, here's what I served up last night:

Pizza frittata! Muffin-sized, the perfect entree! Fillings: capsicum, ham, Italian sausage, feta, sun-dried tomato, and olives.

Cauliflower pizza! Same toppings as the frittata fillers, but with cheese (and cauliflower for the base, obviously)!

And then as a little experiment, I also made broccoli pizza!

The beau scored this one, and claims it is just as good as the cauliflower version. Right now, organic broccoli is easier to come by than organic cauliflower, so that's a win!

After partaking of frittata and pizza, and watching the show (the first four episodes of Psychoville, a brilliant new BBC comedy by two of the guys from The League Of Gentlemen), my friend wanted some dessert, so I served up some thawed berries with cream and walnuts. I didn't need any, but had some mainly so she wouldn't feel bad for having dessert. I hadn't had much in the way of carbs (in an 'upping them' context, anyway) so it was worth it for the experiment, if not my caloric intake management! However, even while enjoying my bowl of berries, I experienced little stabs of pain in my guts, and knew not all was well in the world.

This morning I woke up to, er, unpleasantness, which continued all day long, and have thus sworn to cut back on the carbs again, starting immediately! I'm retaining so much water too; even though my measurements haven't changed, it's bloody depressing to see the scale measurement going up and up... Hopefully going Very Low Carb (one cup of veg per day, max.) again should stop that, and maybe have things moving in the other direction? I'm watching the calories closely, since swimsuit season will be coming early this year, thanks to a trip to Thailand happening in just over a month! And off the physical results paradigm, I haven't been feeling all that great mentally since amping up the carbs again. I felt so great on the carnivore lifestyle, I might have to start heading back that way, with a little more flexibility if necessary... Organic Direct are delivering another month's supply of organic beef this weekend, so that will help!

Today, I managed to eat a couple of pizza frittatas for breakfast:

Then some roasted chicken drumsticks for lunch:

Still feeling less-than-flash, so I'm rounding out the rest of the day with tea. Tomorrow: I'm going to try kangaroo meat for the first time! The plan is to make beef burgers and roo burgers, and see if either of us can tell the difference... ;)


Deanna said...

Holy cow, pizza frittata! I think you've just achieved a new level of genius. I can't wait to make some myself!

Jezwyn said...

Haha, thank you! I've been making pizza frittata (and other kinds) for years - it has certainly helped remove my craving for the same flavours on a hard cardboard flour base! Why bother when you can just wrap them up in egg?? Mmmmmmmm...