Monday, August 24, 2009

Primal By The Beach

Never mind that it's still winter (just), my folks rented a beach house down on the Mornington Peninsula, so the boy, the brother and I dutifully headed down the Eastlink to stay for a night. I took some primal food along, just in case, but it was completely unnecessary since my parents are awesome. Dad has always been more than happy to live on meat, eggs and cheese, and Mum has been very receptive of the outpouring of info coming her way, from me, over the past few months. She has even cut most bread out of her diet, and this is a woman who sometimes lived on toast until dinnertime!

On Saturday morning we headed into the city to do some swimwear shopping. I loaded up a small plate of leftover chicken and some fried haloumi for breakfast, and did the same for lunch after some successful shopping.

Dad bought a MASSIVE pork leg roast, and cooked it to perfection, with more crackling than even I could put away! Served with delicious pumpkin (found it hard to stop at just one hunk!) and a little silverbeet.

So a day of very good meals, but let's just skim over the fact that while we waited for the pork to cook fully, there was a bowl of macadamia nuts... And then there wasn't.

Sunday morning was almond pancake time!

Then it was off to a winery in Red Hill, where we waited eons for fairly decent food, except that all they had was grain-fed beef and fish, so I had to go for the flathead... Meh. (Photo coming soon)

Dinnertime - we started with my oysters, which is a simple explosion of flavour, created by frying some bacon until crisp, dicing it, shredding some cheddar, and sprinkling both over the oysters in their shells. Stick under the broiler until cheese melts, and serve while hot.

Then Dad cooked up some delicious racks of lamb, and I made Red Omelettes - the fillings were salami, bacon, cherry tomatoes, red capsicum, red onion, and a bit of basil cheese (not red, by the way, although my first round was in red wax, so I count it)!

Again, some pretty sweet, normal, primal meals... Accompanied by macadamia nuts, berries and cream, and cheeses (not shown, and not to be spoken of again...)

The highlight of the weekend, apart from all of the eating, was the trip to the Peninsula Hot Springs, one of my favourite places in Victoria. What's more primal than bathing in warm, natural mineral springs?

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