Saturday, May 1, 2010

Carnivory & A Countdown

Well, it's the usual pre-show situation, where there's really no time to eat, and when there is, stress drives one to over-consumption. So I've been fasting for most of the working day, and then chowing down an trying to find satiety in the evening. I suspect the fault is mostly due to lack of fat, so I'm upping the butter & coconut oil to help quell the rampant hunger. The meat & egg lifestyle has my guts back to normal, and my energy levels steady, even in the face of 24hr fasts. As the next two weeks fly by (the show opens on the 18th), I'll be incorporating at least two long fasts into my week, and not worrying about caloric intake any other time, just upping the fat and eating to satiety.

I've been reading some wonderful things of late, so have a look to my Girl Gone Sharin' widget to see the scientific marvels that have been cross-examined by the online community. Of particular note is Don Matesz' discussion of a study that suggests that the (practically) paleo diet has the same anti-ageing benefits as does basic caloric restriction, which is a very promising suggestion.

And for your viewing pleasure, here are my meals from this past week (note the excess of fish & chicken vs. red meat - I was feeling quite icky early in the week, and it took me a while to realise that my body was probably demanding saturated fat - no wonder I could eat fish & chicken endlessly and achieve nothing in the way of appetite suppression beyond nausea!):

Raw salmon & salmon caviar

More raw salmon & salmon caviar

Roast chicken

Yet more raw salmon & salmon caviar

More roast chicken; leftovers from a chicken bought at the store during a late night working at school

Lamb chop & butter

Creole-seasoned, hot-smoked salmon

Chicken drumsticks & bacon

Grilled flake, topped with butter

And I'm still feeling the lack of red meat & saturated fat, so even though I'm committed to having seafood once per day at least, while my freezer is still filled with various fish and sea creatures, I'll be sure to get back into eating beef and lamb regularly. I've even found a new provider of grass-fed lamb & beef, via a flier in my mailbox today! How exciting! Koallah Farms deliver more frequently than Organic Direct, and is quite transparent when it comes to its practices and produce. I'll have to wait until there's more space in my freezer, and I'm going to see if there are any co-workers that might want to share in a larger portion of an animal to save us both money. I feel so privileged to live in a part of the world that has such easy access to naturally raised animals when so many have no other option beyond cattle fed with M&Ms and housed in manure-filled, chemical-blasted fart sheds. I wonder what that tastes like...


Primal Toad said...

That raw salmon looks delightful! I had salmon last night and will be eating some again tonight. I have never had it raw but might have to give it a try sometime soon!

GiGi said...

Oh man! I want to eat dinner, breakfast and even lunch at your house!!! :)

Kim said...

I live not too far from the farm you will be buying your meat from, South West Victoria is a beautiful part of the world! Personally, I am lucky enough to get all of my beef from cattle raised on my farm, but if I did not have that option I would be buying it from the farmer as you will be doing!
One quick question, do you make your own stock? I make stock using the bones from the chicken/beef I cook, it's great for homemade soups, stews etc,

Jezwyn said...

Love love love salmon sashimi! Just bought another couple of fillets, nom nom nom!

You're very welcome anytime, GiGi! :)

Lucky you, Kim! I miss home-raised meats. That's all I ate, growing up. I don't use stock, but if I did I would make it myself. Maybe I'll get into meaty soups and stews this winter, but since it would just be meat, then I'd rather just eat the meat! I am becoming more aware of AGEs though, so it might be better to boil/stew meats sometimes, rather than always grilling...