Monday, May 24, 2010

How To Survive Production Week, Primal-Style

So, with the biggest week of the year behind me, having just finished the run of my play, I can reflect on the success of my avoiding-stress-munchies-with-voluminous-veggies plan. Indeed, packing myself with various veg sautéed in copious amounts of coconut oil and butter certainly kept my from indulging in too many calories, but towards the pointy end of the week has resulted in a bit of tummy ache and blood glucose instability. I'll be happily going back to meat-only as of tomorrow, although my freezer is crying out for another seafood delivery, as well as warranting a trip to the local organic butcher for lamb and ground beef. I might be looking into trialling another local, grass-fed meat farmer in the next few days though, to save a bit of money and to be sure that organic = grass-fed.

Enjoy the following screed of food porn - hover over the images to see the details of when and what.

Wednesday's dinner - lamb chops, bacon, and sauteed fennel
Thursday's mega pre-Opening breakfast - t-bone steak and buttery fried eggs
Thursday's pre-Opening dinner - sauteed cabbage and asparagus, topped with bacon
Friday's breakfast - lamb forequarter chops and bacon! The perfect nerve calmer!
Friday's snack - kale chips!
Friday's dinner - sauteed cabbage and zucchini, topped with heaps of bacon!
Saturday's breakfast - lamb forequarter chops and bacon
Saturday's dinner - Chicken drumsticks with coconut-curry coating, with sauteed veggies
Sunday's dinner - coconut beef curry, with broccoli rice, sauteed cabbage, zucchini and spinach, and a diced capsicum, carrot and cheddar salad
Monday's breakfast - lamb chops
Monday's dinner - scrambled eggs and bacon
And if think you spotted a couple of new dishes in there, you're correct! Sure, they're not that far from my usual theme, but I played with coconut cream and beef for the first time, after the success of my chicken curry, and I also vamped up my typical almond flour coating to pack a flavour punch! Two new meals that are perfect for the coming winter. The days are getting colder and colder - time to buy some toe socks to wear under my Vibrams, methinks!

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Paleo Grrrl said...

You are a real chef, aren't you? It's awesome stealing your recipes...I made choco nutty balls on the weekend and have been in heaven ever since.