Friday, June 25, 2010

One For The Road

In fewer than seven hours, the beau & I will be hopping on board the first of a series of planes that will eventually deposit the two of us in sunny (it better be...) Canada! So I am bidding you adieu for two weeks, but before I rush off to pack my suitcase full of distressingly light-weight garments that haven't yet experienced my current figure, here's a quick breakdown of my situation at present and in future:

* I'm really enjoying yoga. It's really hard work, especially since I'm also using a non-beginner podcast to give me ideas for workouts between sessions at Balwyn Yoga, but I'm really loving it. This week, I went along at the tail end of a punchy series of fasting: 16hrs of nothing but water and tea, and then over 24hrs of fat fast food and portioning, although I hadn't yet had my fourth & fifth meals of the day (and decided to skip them thanks to the immense endorphin high that greeted me mid-way through my yoga class)! I floated home...

* For those of you who haven't heard of the Fat Fast per se - though you probably have heard of something similar - here's a quick summary:

- I am striving to garner 90% of my calories from fat, whilst limiting my caloric intake to create a decent deficit. Atkins recommended 1000kcal, spread out over four or five meals in the day. I'm more flexible - I just listen to what my body wants.

- My meals of choice (since I'm paleo, I don't do the cream cheese and whipped cream + sweetener concoctions Atkins recommended) have been 1) 30g macadamia nuts, 2) 1T nut butter with 1T coconut oil, and 3) a hard-boiled egg with 15g butter. I've been hitting a minimum of 80% calories from fat, and I could go higher if I liked the taste of my current coconut oil...

- The idea is to fast for 3 to 5 days (any longer and you're putting your body at risk of protein deficiency), and if fat loss is happening (which is pretty likely given the cal restrictions - if not, there's a major hormonal issue at play) then you can scale up the calories and add in foods such as fatty ground beef. Then you can return to Atkins Induction etc, to see if your body's newly revved-up metabolism will happily continue to burn stored fat.

For me, I'm playing with more of an Alternate Day Fasting situation. I'm not setting a rigid schedule, since going overseas would make that awfully difficult, but I'm planning to eat 'normally' for one day, and then fast for one or two days, then another normal day, etc. We'll see if this is necessary. I won't necessarily be doing a fat fast as such on my fasting days - just keeping my calories at or below the 1000kcal mark, if my body likes it.

Progress thus far: the morning after my yoga class, I weighed in at 2.6kg less than I had pre-fast! I know that I was holding onto some water thanks to sodium and such, but it was still wonderful to see! My body demanded a refeed after that though, so I used my sore muscles as an excuse to finish off what remained in my jars of almond butter and macadamia spread. The overall calorie count (albeit estimated in terms of servings) was pretty monstrous, and yet the today the scales only showed an increase of 0.5kg, which I would have expected merely considering the weight of normal food amounts. I'll be scale-free in Canada, so I'll be monitoring my gut jiggliness... Traveling is always rough on the cortisol levels though, so I'm not too bothered, so long as I don't GAIN weight!

To the future:

I've bagged up two hard boiled eggs and a pat of butter to take to the airport and eat before we get on the plane at 7am, if I'm hungry. I know eggs don't keep too long out of refrigeration, but I'll try not to eat for the sake of eating... I've also bagged up three servings (200kcal each) of macadamia nuts that should get me through the looooong flight! Dang, I should have bought some bagged white tea - all I have is the loose stuff and that won't work on a flight... Boo.

The beau's mother, with the assistance of the lovely Kat Garson, has found two very exciting farms in/near Ottawa to supply me with my meaty goodness for the trip, as well as hopefully becoming my MIL's continuing provider of good meat - you know, meat that's actually suitable for human consumption. Now, the original plan was to go out to the farms, take a butcher's (haha, a pun AND cutesy rhyming slang!), and do a write-up. However, time constraints mean I will not get to check out the wonderful Dobson's Farm this time, although we have placed an order for a variety of beef, particularly ground beef, that we will be picking up upon my arrival via the central city market in Ottawa. It's not all bad news though - we WILL squeeze in a visit to the terribly exciting Bearbrook Game Meats farm since it's snuggled up close to where I'll be staying! I'll finally be able to try the North American 'delicacies' my Tweeps often tweet about - buffalo, bison, & boar! I'll also be sure to stock up on smoked salmon, my favourite, and maybe I'll even try foods that are available in Australia but not easily, such as emu, duck, kangaroo (if they have unadulterated steaks, etc), and some sausages that are made of a mix of meats, provided they don't include flour.

I might get some cooking in during my trip, if there's demand at all, but otherwise I'll be sitting back and lapping up some much-needed sun!

The suitcases are calling - au revoir!


MrsEvilGenius said...

Have a wonderful, safe time! Sounds like you have planned meticulously. :)

Anonymous said...

It's certainly hot and sunny on the East Coast of Canada today. Hopefully upper Canada is as nice. Good luck!

Anonymous said...

Well its sunny and warm here in St John's today and you will probably be close to arriving by now.

Sandy said...

I don't live anywhere near Canada, at least right now, so I can't say what the conditions are like there. But I do hope you enjoy bison. It's delicious!

Dr Eric Berg said...

That was a wonderful work!!!Thank you for sharing it to us,at least we have an idea on what will be the feeling of being primeval!Keep it up!

Khrystyna said...

I was just reccomended your blog on a paleo forum, I started paleo a few months ago to try and manage my IBS and have been having huge success! I'm doing a similar blog myself here:

Hope you don't mind me linking you up on it! It's cool to see other young women doing the same thing and to get inspiration from!

Have a great holiday :)

Michelle said...

Wow I'm a regular reader of your blog and when I saw you were coming to Canada, I thought, cool! Then when I saw you were visiting Bearbrook Farm, which is 5 minutes from my house, I thought that is way too weird!! Surprisingly, I've never bought meats there, mostly because we have a freezer full of wild meats, hunted by my husband, but lately of been thinking about trying out their bison. Seeing your post, I'll think I'll take the leap! Hope you have a good trip and tell me all about your visit to the farm!

Michelle (Health Food Lover) said...

Hey I just found your blog today..and now you won't be blogging for a while lol. It's cool you're a fellow Melbourite!I'm not a primal eater but I like to make Primal inspired dishes and it's interesting reading about the primal/paleo diets.

And you do yoga-awesome. There's a great series of videos on youtube I like called "Sadie Nardini's Weight Loss Half Hour" (or something like that"- you may like them.

Oh you know ScdKat. We're friends on twitter ha!

Anyway, have a good trip and I'm looking forward to reading more of your blog.


Dream_Puppy said...

I like the idea of an alternate day fat fast! I have been playing around with IF, but when I am hungry it is just so much easier to give in and cheat. Right now I do around 14-24 hours fasting 2-4 days a week.

I'd love to know how you progress on the Alternate Day Fat Fast :) Are you also following this on the weekend?

And keep up this GREAT to see the ladies representing the low carb/paleo lifestyle.

Jezwyn said...

Thanks for the comments, everyone! My meticulous plans didn't quite hold (my MIL picked up the beef order but only brought a little bit of it to the cottage...?; my fellow cottage-stayers didn't like the house smelling of frying meat so I felt too bad to continue that, and then it got too hot to use the oven without copping more complaints; there wasn't enough coconut oil to support my fasts; etc...) but I had a good time outside of the food issues.

Sandy, the only bison I got hold of was ham, but it was tasty! I really want to try some classic ground bison to make burgers with at some point though...

Maybe Michelle can let us know what she thinks if she goes! :) How weird that I was right near you... We should have met up at the Bearbrook deli!

Hello other Michelle! Another (nearly) primal Melbournite - lovely! Thanks for the yoga link - my classes are kicking my butt for now, especially since I'm going twice a week to catch up on pre-paid classes I missed whilst away, but I'll be all set now when I want to do some more yoga at home in between weekly sessions. I have a mat now, and some good podcasts and apps too....

Howdy Dream Puppy :) My plans re: Alternative Fat Fasting fell through and I've been struggling with some emotional stuff since the return, but I'm nearly ready to give it another go now that I have access to the right fats. I'm not that strict - if my body tells me it wants more nourishment, I give it to it. If it's just a desire to be chewing on something tasty, I work around it.