Saturday, September 5, 2009

Carnivore II : Day 10 - Special Treat Day!

I'm currently playing with the idea that on the weekend, I can have a bit of non-carnivore-but-still-primal food if I feel like it. I started a little early this weekend, with the macadamia nuts last night, but it obviously didn't hurt my goals, since I hit my new lowest EVER weight his morning! Still two weeks until Thailand, and my thighs are already looking smoother, and the muffin top has deflated a little... Feeling good - realistic, but good! :)

Awoke this morning and whipped up a batch of Grain-Free Granola for the beau, adding a bit of 100% choc to the mix (Did he notice? Of course not! But he realised he loved it after I pointed it out, natch). The recipe requires egg whites, so that left me with egg yolks..

Breakfast: The Usual, using just egg yolks, then filled with double brie (special treat!) and ham

At noon we headed to the cinema to see Up in 3D - I've never been so moved by animation before! It didn't help that the very moving preview of Where The Wild Things Are was played right before it started...

Then the beau dropped me off at the local day spa for a massage treatment, which was very relaxing - perhaps too relaxing, since the time seemed to fly by and I felt a definite yank back to consciousness at one point... Ooops.

Dinner: Kangaroo mince (medium-rare), topped with bacon and fennel (special treat!) fried in butter

I definitely need to get more roo! Because it's so low in calories, I can fill up on the mince and top with tasty fats and ingredients like bacon for flavour! I'm very satisfied, with just 1500kcal in the bag for today, with 65% coming from fat! And still less than 10g carb, only 4g from the fennel!

Lots of leftover kangaroo mince... So tomorrow will probably be kangaroo omelette for breakfast, the usual skipped lunch, and something intriguing and mince-based for dinner... Food for thought, literally!


Anonymous said...

Oh, YUM! I love brie.

Anonymous said...

I recently found this blog and I am definitely jealous of all the delicious looking things you are eating

Keep going strong on your primal lifestyle, it makes everything so much better

Penty said...

Isn't aren't "rolled oats" grains?

Penty said...

Sorry about the bad grammar previously, the danger of typing/thinking too fast while multitasking:

"Aren't 'rolled oats' grains?"

Jezwyn said...

Did you notice my comment above the recipe about scaling back the oats? He originally demanded them, but every batch has used less and less... And now I don't add any! So it truly is grain-free now - maybe I should adjust the recipe now.

Penty said...

Thanks for the explaination.