Monday, September 7, 2009

Carnivore II : Day 12 - A Loooong Day. Sigh.

Awoke feeling refreshed, and whipped up a big breakfast to get me through a devastating schedule - two lamb forequarter chops, and some bacon, all fried in organic butter from my new favourite dairy brand, True Organic - and it's local!

Worked solidly, class after class, til 1:50pm, when the kids finished for the day. I chucked my previously cooked lamb sausages into the microwave (sigh) and ate their pathetic dryness at my desk (if only I had brought some butter from home, argh...)

Then it was time for Parent-Teacher Interviews for 1.5 hours, before I had to head off to lead a tutorial for Monash University for 1.5 hours, and then it was back to - you guessed it - Parent-Teacher Interviews for another long hour!

Didn't have the motivation to cook, so we swung by the local roast chicken place and grabbed a bird for dinner:

I wouldn't have survived the day without my three meals, but boy did my calorie intake get out of control! Maybe I will obsess a bit about keeping between 1400 and 1800 kcal for the next two weeks so that I'm in good shape before Thailand. Hopefully sticking to two meals per day, meat-only, will have that sorted anyway, although I might tweak once a week to keep the metabolism firing. And now that I'm finally over the sniffles, I'll work some more outdoor activity into my day, when it's not raining. C'mon Spring, you teased us with your presence when September first broke, now where's the 20°C weather??


Anonymous said...

i dont think your caloric intake seems out of control here?? maybe im confused... are you trying to say it is down today or up?

haha where are you living, im in Mississippi and it's still puurrdy down here minus the gulf rains we get!

Jezwyn said...

According to SparkPeople (very similar to FitDay's nutritional calculator), I've consumed around 2300-2400kcal for each of the past two days. This is probably more of a maintenance range for me during the working week, but since I'm looking to lose fat, it's too high.

I live in Australia! It's pouring rain again today - my walk to work in Vibrams was less than pleasant! Less than two weeks before I get to lie in the sun on a lovely Thai beach...