Saturday, September 5, 2009

Carnivore II : Day 9 - The Whole Farm In A Day!

Breakfast: Cow, pig, and chicken

Needless to say, that load certainly sated me til my roast dinner was ready...

Dinner: Sheep!! Tasty, tasty, organic sheep!!

Then, we were off to the theatre to see the stunning God of Carnage by Yasmina Reza, with an AMAZING cast!

Afterwards, I decided to treat myself to a lovely, high-fat snack - raw macadamia nuts! I have been avoiding nuts since restarting my BCP regimen, so I restricted myself to buying just a 100g bag... A very astute piece of foresight on my part, since my first 30g serving was quickly followed by my second, and then third... No regrets - a high-calorie day is good once in a while to keep the metabolism firing!

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Beastie Girl said...


Dang, I miss mutton. I'm a Kiwi in Holland and the only meats the Dutch eat are chicken, pork, beef, that's it. I miss venison, mutton and lamb like crazy and that sheep looks sooo good on your plaaaate... *licks monitor*