Monday, September 14, 2009

Crash Bang Meat Princess

I hate Mondays.

Actually, I'm rather ambivalent in regard to Mondays, except for the four Mondays a year where my school decides that our normal 8-9 hour day of non-stop accountability to students isn't enough, and they have us extend it to 11 hours so that we can be accountable to parents as well. Ah, Parent-Teacher Interviews.

Breakfast: I knew I wouldn't have the energy or enthusiasm to cook up dinner, so I prepared a big lot of beef mince in the morning, and ate a small amount of it for breakfast, topped with bacon

I should have eaten more - by the time the late Monday lunchbreak rolled around, my stomach was going nuts and my breath could remove oil stains from silk. Fortunately, it didn't take me long to nuke my roasted chicken drumsticks and scarf them down in order to then set up my table for the first interviewee. I never remember to whip out the camera at work - I'll trust you've all seen chicken drumsticks before.

Dinner: Well. So much for my plan to have the rest of the beef mince for dinner, maybe topped with a soft-boiled egg, and a bit of bacon... I forgot to put away the leftovers! So they were fly food by the time I arrived home. So we jumped in the car to grab my ol' favourite, lamb forequarter chops. The organic butcher was well and truly closed, so it as conventional or nothing... Should have gone for the latter, apparently, since although the photo makes the meat look quite appealing, the fat was really quite disgusting, and what I can only assume were blood clots popped up throughout the chop! Unpleasant! I'm sure the chops were never this bad, I certainly don't remember any blood issues nor spongy fat and excessive gristle in the past.

Looks innocent enough, eh? But I only managed to eat the easily-accessible lean - didn't want to go digging for fear or more blood vessels spurting! I'm not writing the conventional lamb off completely just yet, since in reality the only difference in Victoria between most conventionally farmed sheep and organic sheep is a dip or two to kill insects etc, and the odd medication when needed. Very different to the hormone-pumped cattle industry. I bought some conventional chump chops as well since they looked quite juicy, and I was thinking of having one for breakfast... Might be too soon...

But I wonder whether I have been living it up on organic, pampered meat in the choicest cuts for too long... Oh well! It's too bloody (... poor choice of words) good to stop forking out for, and the way I look in jeans is WORTH IT!

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