Monday, December 7, 2009

The Day of Good Food & Sucky Photography

Man, the pain of uploading photos from your phone to find that they're weirdly coloured, over-exposed, or just plain uninspiring. Fun. Maybe I should set up a 'buy Girl Gone Primal a gosh-darn decent camera' fund!

Despite what the pictures may suggest, my food today was truly delicious. I seem to have gone off steak, and all I seem to crave is ground beef. Perhaps a sign that my body is wanting more fat?

Breakfast - a couple of eggs, scrambled to creamy perfection (I maintain the brightness is actually due to their heavenly flavour, and not my phone's inability to cope in bright, angular morning sunlight)

Lunch: roast chicken leftovers, some taken to work and some gnawed straight from the carcass once I arrived home. I didn't even try to take an attractive photo of that one.

Dinner: ground beef - plain for me:

And as a delicious 'taco' salad for the beau - the meat was mixed with taco-esque spices, then served on a bed of lettuce, with tomato, carrot and parmesan cheese.

But even a day of crappy photography can't get me down, after this morning's ego-boost from Mark Sisson - once again, my recipes have been featured in his latest Weekend Link Love post! It is such a thrill to know that he thinks my inventions are good enough to share with the wider primal community, and I hope that the people who try my ideas give me feedback so I can help them or tweak the recipes, etc - or just send me pictures to know that my ideas are being replicated the world over! I love it! :D


Dr.A said...

I am always impressed by your food photography...
even if I make nice food, my pics always turn out rubbish, so kudos! Food photography is hard!

Jezwyn said...

Thank you, Dr. A!! I've recently discovered a setting on my phone that adjusts for different light states, so hopefully I'll be able to work around the green tinge that my meat shots get when under fluorescent lighting.

I have been ogling some digital cameras on eBay of late though...