Saturday, December 12, 2009

Frankie Says...

Ah, Saturday.

Broke the overnight fast with a grass-fed porterhouse steak and a couple of slices of the most delicious, free-range, smoked bacon...

Then it was into the Prius for a day of running errands - buying 100% cacao buds and pellets for the guinea pigs' cage (not at the same store), picking up eBay purchases, accompanying the beau to Minotaur in order to collect yet another standing order of graphic novels which will not be read in the near future, and heading to the cinema to watch The Invention Of Lying - fantastic premise, and entertaining for the most part. It certainly appealed to my atheistic nature, so I wonder how the film went over in the US... Definitely one to watch if you like Ricky Gervais & his style of humour, and enjoy spotting celeb comic cameos.

Home for a late dinner of a special primal treat - Cauliflower Pizza! Boy, it's been a long time... I've obviously broken from carnivorism properly today, but I really couldn't face a meat-only meal this evening for some reason. It'll be interesting to see how my guts react to a heft of veg and dairy after such a long time! I have been reading that a higher-carb day can help sort out leptin levels, so this evening's choice is an experiment as well as a relaxed following of my gut instinct.

Tomorrow is set to be an utterly domestic day - cleaning, wrapping presents, and making Christmas treats to take to work. Here's hoping that there are a few sunny periods so I can lap up the rays I've been missing for the past few days.

Girl Gone Readin':

Richard Nikoley, and his diabetic success-story reader Steve, combine to create a piece that you need to send to everyone you know who is diabetic and currently following the ADA (either one)'s standard advice.

Dr. A nails the missing link between results and suggested 'cure' during a discussion of a Japanese study detailing the physical damage caused by high blood sugar after meals.

Charles Washington shares an interesting albeit meandering flood of ideas concerning Sedentary Behaviour & The Gym.

One of Mark Sisson's Worker Bees shares their thoughts regarding the season of giving and the joy giving can bring. I share this one with you since I am the hugest fan of giving gifts whenever I can, no occasion necessary. Ironically, I am completely awkward when receiving gifts! I'm getting better when it comes to the end-of-year gifts from students though, although this year I was also distracted by the internal hope that the gift was NOT yet more chocolate that I would have to pass on to my least favourite colleagues :D



Anonymous said...

i thinkt hats so cool of you to be so free going between your zero carb all meat and then yor "higher carb day" how does it affect you, your mood, your bloating, your weight? are you convinced the body needs a higher carb day and do you think leptin levels are a factor?

Jezwyn said...

Thanks, Anon. This is the first time I've jumped directly from one camp to the other, and yesterday I actually consumed a higher level of primal carbs than I do when normally eating primally, so it's an even bigger jump! I still kept everything low-GL, thus avoiding blood sugar crises.

Mood - no change. Bloating - a little, but mostly from all the extra food, lasted less than 12 hours. Weight - again, a little extra due to food and water retention; I expect the scales to show a return to normal when I weigh in tomorrow morning. I needed less sleep last night, apparently, but that's probably due to the fairly sedentary day yesterday.

I'm not at all convinced that I 'need' carbs at all, and I don't yet know enough about leptin to make any claims in that area. I feel absolutely fine on all-meat, and have been losing fat slowly and steadily. The main reason for eating carbs yesterday was because I don't believe in forcing down food, and my gut feeling towards the idea of eating steak last night would have meant I wouldn't have enjoyed the meal.

I don't believe in suffering just to stick to self-imposed guidelines - as Frankenstein demonstrates, the oppression of our inner needs creates the monster.

Anonymous said...

thanks for replying that was helpful... im zero carb now and have been trying to research the effects of some carbs, all primal of course, once in a while. im not sold on leptin either and theres no studies or encounters on zc vs vlc