Thursday, December 3, 2009

Recipe: Cherry Ripe Bites

No, I don't have the rights to the name 'Cherry Ripe', so if I ever quit my calling and open a primal eatery, I will have to think up a new name - but for now I can live with it!

In my pursuit to perfect some decadent primal recipes, ready to whip up for family and friends at Christmas, I took advantage of the opportunity to have my brother over for dinner in order to get feedback from someone outside of the sugar- and gluten-free experience. However, the frequency of consumption made snapping photos difficult, so when I make these bites again (and I certainly will, given their response!), I will take the time to snap some nicer shots. If you make a batch of your own, I'd love to see the outcome!

Cherry Ripe Bites

This recipe was formulated to specifically replace the classic chocolate bar, which didn't so much have fruit in it as flavoured sugar. The primal equivalent, of course, fixes that problem.


250g very dark chocolate - I use 100% cacao or coconut oil mixed with cacao powder, but I guess you could get away with 90% Lindtt if you need the sweetness. The fruit would do it for me.
75g coconut cream
100g dessicated coconut
50g cherries, chopped and pitted
1t ground vanilla or vanilla essence
Optional - sweetener to taste


Melt chocolate (or combine melted coconut oil and cacao) and half-fill/coat the base and inner edge of your chocolate molds or silicon muffin tray/ice tray, etc. I had nothing suitable on hand, so I took a risk and used the egg holder from the fridge! Took some pounding, but they still came out fine :)

Combine all other ingredients roughly - if the mixture is a little dry (depending on the fineness of your dessicated coconut), add a tablespoon of heavy dairy cream and stir. Add more if necessary.

Roll cherry mix into balls/shapes just slightly smaller than your molds. (I used globs, but I would be more specific next time, so the chocolate isn't so thick around the filling.) Place into the holes and ensure you do not push the cherry mixture through to the bottom of the mold. If you're using clear plastic molds, double-check that there is still a strong layer of chocolate at the 'base' of the mold.

Top with melted chocolate until filling is covered. Refrigerate until set.

When set, press out of molds onto a plate, and keep cool until ready to serve. Enjoy!

(Cherry Ripe Bites with my Apricot & Walnut Balls)

I didn't have time to get a better shot - my brother was too keen to get it back in his mouth!

The guys didn't handle the dark chocolate very well, but scraped out the filling eagerly! I'll make the chocolate crust thinner next time - maybe dip the balls of filling into melted chocolate? Then I can bag them up and give them as Christmas presents!


Diana Renata said...

You have the best treats! I'm making a list of yummies to make for Christmas. This one is definitely on the list. :)

Anonymous said...

Looks great. Did you use frozen/fresh or dried cherries?

Jezwyn said...

Thanks Diana! I'll be making these again too, though with a thinner coating of chocolate, which I may sweeten...

I used frozen, unsweetened cherries, thawed at room temperature. I could have used fresh since they're in season, but I had frozen and that meant I could add the juice to the filling mix as it was released during thawing.

And thank you Mark Sisson for more link love! :D :D Thrills me every single time :)

Anonymous said...

Could you substitute coconut milk for coconut cream? Would the filling still hold together, or would the milk make it too runny? Thanks!

Jezwyn said...

I'd expect the milk would make it too runny and the filling would mix with the chocolate, but that could be cool too - a cherry/choc coconut rough? That's if the chocolate still sets...