Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Sleepy Daze

It's pretty much official - since my duties as educator are coming to a close for the year, my critical faculties are beginning to hibernate and my inner voice has decreased its repertoire to variations of "I want to sleep now", "Let's watch a movie", "Ground beeeef!" and "Let's go lie in the sun!". I am okay with this, really, except when it means I forget to photograph my food or post to the blog. There are just two more teaching days of school left, and then we're not expecting many kids to show up next week for the three days of 'fun activities'. I like it when I'm this relaxed, and have time to catch up with friends and family. And I have six weeks of freedom to look forward to - time to get messy in the kitchen, messy in the garden, and un-messy in the messy bomb that is my closet.

So, two days of meat to flash before your very eyes...

Tuesday's breakfast - a lamb chop!

Lunch - porchetta and chorizo, afternoon delight!

Dinner - Pork roast with crackling!!

Wednesday's breakfast - lamb chop and two pieces of organic, shortcut bacon that costs more than than organic eye fillet steaks! But it's hella-tasty, if disappointingly lean.

Lunch - more porchetta and chorizo, like yesterday, but no photo today.

Dinner: entree - two beef sausages

Dinner: main - corned beef silverside, served with a heft of butter to compensate for all the lean meat today.

And if you're sick of these meaty-yet-plain posts, fear not: I'm hosting another dinner party on Friday night! I'm currently working on a spicy seafood soup recipe - maybe Friday will be time to try it on a test audience... Plus, another dessert!

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