Saturday, December 12, 2009

So Delightfully Close

Ah yes, the end is so very, very near... Yesterday was the last real 'teaching day' of the year, leaving just a week of fun activities and staff partying til summer freedom!

So here are the last meals of 2009 that were tinged with a side of stress:


I decided to fast until dinnertime, after Wednesday night's big feed left me anything but hungry!

Dinner - entree: two beef sausages, and a lamb chop

Dinner - main: pork roast - heavy of the crackling, but I left most of the lean alone. Perfection!


Breakfast: two beef sausages and a lamb chop

Lunch: chorizo and egg, scrambled in coconut oil

Then I had a mate over for dinner and board games, so I whipped up chorizo, bacon and green capsicum mini frittata, served atop the green salad to accompany the main:

Since I was pressed for time, I had to skip the experimental main I wanted to make (watch this space...), and went for the ever-popular fried chicken fingers!

No time for a dessert either, unfortunately. So this dinner party wasn't the blogging fodder I had hoped. But with summer visitors and visiting happening regularly from just a week's time, there will be lots of healthy, culinary fun to be had!


Riki said...

Hello! I am a huge fan of your blog. I find you extremely inspiring! I am currently attempting to stick to a Paleo/Mediterranean diet. My question for you is how do you cook your meats? I was wondering if you used a cast iron skillet with grill ridges seen here:

or if you use an actual grill outdoors, or a George Foreman-type grill!

Sorry if this question seems weird, I just would like to know how you make cooking hunks of meat look so easy in the morning!

Thanks in advance, Riki.

Jezwyn said...

Hi Riki - gosh, you flatterer! I have to go buy a new hat now - all this head-swelling burst my hatband!

I use a George Foreman-esque standalone grill unit that I received for Christmas way back in 2004. It wouldn't have been very expensive; perhaps $40. Best gift ever. It's a bit of a pain to wash, but using just plain meats rather than marinated pieces has cut down on that process. I love it - I used to use it at least once per week, and now it's at least once per day!

While there is still some risk of carcinogen formation during grilling, using the closed grill removes the risk of over-heating the pan grease when pan-frying/grilling, and is less harmful than using a BBQ (though I love lightly charred BBQ meats!).

Enjoy the Paleo lifestyle! Don't forget that the 'Mediterranean diet' bares very little similarity to the actual diet followed by the healthful Mediterranean people! It's all saturated fat over there - love it! :D