Sunday, December 6, 2009

A Meaty Weekend

With the weather finally settling into a steady, summery temperance, I have been staying out of the computer room and in the sunlight as much as possible. With nothing particularly special to report, I figured you wouldn't mind if I saved up my meal details and combined them into one big weekend post. Any complaints? No? Good.

Thursday - the beau and my 5th anniversary! I started the day with a meal that proved I had eyes too big for my bots; I barely finished one lamb chop and half of the bacon! Oh, the senseless waste...

Skipped lunch, but when I arrived home the hunger pangs kicked in, and I knew that the restaurant we were headed to later would only serve small portions of meat, so I decided to fill up the completely non-photogenic fry-up of beef mince and bacon. Good plan!

Just like last time I went to Kobe Jones, I ordered the sashimi salad (hold the salad) and lobster to be cooked by me on a hot rock. Not much meat, as predicted, but thanks to lining my stomach with 500g of ground beef (yep, 500g!), the meal filled me up very satisfyingly!

Friday - after my big anniversary dinner(s), I wasn't tempted to eat breakfast, and didn't even think to pack lunch! My appetite didn't kick in again until 6pm, and then it REALLY kicked in!

Dinner #1 - scotch fillet steak

Dinner #2 - beef burger patties

Saturday - a lovely day of relaxing and reading and getting some sun!

Breakfast (after a long sleep-in) - lamb chops!

Dinner - roast chicken thighs with my spice mix. The shot of my plate wasn't great, so here's a look at what the beau tucked into:

Finally, Sunday - another day of flopping around in the sun, whilst making jewellery and keeping an eye on the adventurous cavies as they lapped up some much-needed sun as well.

To save on the hassles on cooking, I prepared and started roasting a chicken as soon as I woke up, so within two hours I served myself and a beau a hot, juicy portion of chicken each:

Not a huge serve, but I was more than sated for the rest of the day! As 7pm rolled around, I decided I should eat more, despite not yet feeling hungry, since I hate eating too close to bedtime. So I pulled off a bit of cold chicken:

However, I couldn't manage all of it, so the drumstick eventually joined the rest of the leftover chicken, ready for tomorrow's lunch. However, it remained on my plate to feature in the shot of the last of my bacon, cooked up to go with my cold chicken, but took a little too long. I ate it, even though I was full. C'mon, its BACON! You don't waste that stuff unless it's an emergency!

So now you're up to date! My weight is stable at my new low weight, and I've got lots of loose fat just waiting to shrink some more. The freezer is nearing emptiness, so we'll be doing a run to the organic butcher tomorrow night I suspect - mmmm, more lamb chops!

I hope your weekend was well, and that you're feeling smug that you've picked the healthy way to maintain your weight and fitness, unlike those poor Slim Fast folk...


Aaron said...

eat more raw primal meals, all that cooked stuff day after day. yikes. get the aajongus primal diet cook book. "recipes for living without disease" if you need ideas. I make a lot raw dairy shakes and just raw meat dishes.

Jezwyn said...

Yeahhh no thanks, Aaron. I enjoy a good rare steak, of course, but I like the variety and health potential that cooking meat offers.

Check out "Catching Fire: How Cooking Made Us Human" by Richard Wrangham -

Without cooking and eating our meat, we would never have evolved into the intelligent species that we are. If it were dangerous for us... Well, you do the math.

What's your rationale for consuming dairy when you're against an arguably lesser (if any) evil?