Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Dinner for Four

My brother and his girlfriend came over for a farewell dinner before he nicks off to Hawaii - poor thing, huh?

The table was set -

The Primal Beef Curry prepared -

My latest experimental primal dessert put together (recipe coming soon) -

Soon enough our guests arrived, and the feasting began!

That's my beef curry, with cauliflower rice, and a spinach, tomato and brie salad.

A delicious, hearty, primal ending to a long day - glad I skipped breakfast though!!


kevin said...

recipe please for the deserts!!

Judith said...

What is the dessert? A primal-style berry crumble? What did you use for the topping? It looks delicious.

Jezwyn said...

Ok, ok! Impatient much!? ;)

At your behest, I will now put together a recipe post, despite the crappy photos, and will add sexy new photos when I next make the dish.

I bow to you whims, good readers... :)

Jezwyn said...

It is done!

Recipe: Fruit & Nut Crumble