Sunday, June 14, 2009

Roasts & Reports

After a bit of a late night, I took advantage of my first proper sleep-in in weeks, and rose at 1pm. Ah, refreshing! As luck would have it, this meant that I had, in essence, fasted for 20 hours! Broke the fast with some leftover roast beef and scrambled eggs.

(My meals look so huge in these photos - the plate's really only about 7" wide!)

Today was sacrificed to the gawds of curriculum and assessment = report writing. Year 7 is in the bag - can't sleep tonight until Year 12 is done and dusted too. So I ate well to keep my energy up:

Oh yessss... Pork roast (notice the CRACKLING!) with sautéed red cabbage and spinach in coconut oil. Delectable.


Anonymous said...

lovely big piece of crackling!

Jezwyn said...


I'll probably put on 2kg overnight from the sodium :P Have already consumed two pots of tea and a litre of water to help flush it through :D

Ellen said...

Are you by chance taking pics with a phone camera?

Mark said...

That bottom dish is a work of art.

Jezwyn said...

Ellen - yep. And awful indoor lighting.

Mark - thanks!!