Monday, June 29, 2009


Visitors + spa indulgences + eating at restaurants = fat loss whooshes! (somehow)

Sunday morning the scales announced that I had dropped 1kg overnight (although my before-bed weigh-in already showed as matching my usual morning weight, so something happened during the day...). I celebrated by making almond pancakes for everyone!

Same recipe as before, topped with nuked frozen cherries and boysenberries. A hit once again, and fabulously filling.

I was then dragged along to see Transformers 2 (oh bleurgh; so that's what a movie by a cashed-up 16 year old boy would look like), and took 50g of almonds along to snack on.

Finally, it was off to support the beau's performance in Impro Melbourne's The Impro Cave. Good fun, and what's even better - $10 Sunday Roast!! No opportunity to photograph my feast, but if you imagine a delicious (if dry) pork roast with tender cooked carrots and beans, with a side of green salad and parmesan... And the boy behind the bar didn't even flinch as I rattled off "Roast with no gravy or potatoes, and green salad with no dressing". Win!

Enjoyed a long sleep-in today, rising to be greeted by the scales with another weight drop! I am officially in the 70's! This is after starting the year at 90.5kg... I promised myself that once I hit 10kg of fat-loss, I'd cash in some credit card points for a Myers gift card and go get myself a new dress! And look - just in time for the end-of-financial-year stocktake sales! Woohoo!

Today I went into the CBD to have lunch with the beau - he was running late, so I wandered along Smith St until I found myself loitering outside of Monsieur Truffe, and decided to check out whether or not they stocked 100% chocolate.

They did.

That right there is $30 of pure cocoa mass - a 100g block of cocoa from Venezuela (mixed with cocoa butter and pressed into a block), and 500g of cocoa mass from Switzerland/France (Felchlin). I've had a bit of the Venezuelan choc - wow. Intense barely does the impact of the flavour justice. Love it, but am not tempted to gorge on it = perfection!

I was hanging out for sashimi, so we went to the best sashimi place in Melbourne, Tokushima on Smith St in Collingwood (they're so unpretentious and beloved that they don't even seem to have an online presence; happy to rely on word-of mouth it seems!). I went for the sashimi main - probably should have gone for the sashimi salad, but I ate all of the parsley and carrot, never mind the odd looks:

Some of that is salmon, and the rest is, um, fish. Tasty, tasty fish. I would have loved some salmon roe too; something to ask for next time.

Spent the rest of the afternoon browsing the shops in the city - first, heading to Pinnacle Outdoors, the last remaining stockists of Vibram FiveFingers in the state! They had every size and style I wanted to try out, but fortunately they did not have the colours I desire, so I was saved from awkward lies... You see, I can get the shoes for US$50 (~AU$60) and a small shipping cost if I import them from New York, whereas over here the shoes sell for upwards of AU$180!! So the lack of stock means I don't feel like I'm robbing local distributors of their profits.

I had planned to cook up a pork roast for dinner (despite having pork roast last night - it didn't come with crackling, so it hardly counts now does it?) but it was still frozen and time was creeping along, so instead I made brinner:

Bacon, chevups and scrambled eggs. I need to stock up on the organic meat-only snags the local bio-dynamic butcher sells (I am so grateful now that I live so close to such a butcher - I used to think it was ridiculous bored-rich-person food! Wait - what does that say about me?!)) since my chevups still include some rice flour and sugar :( Much lower in carbs than the usual supermarket schlock, but not primal.

Second course:

Red cabbage and silverbeet, sautéed in coconut oil. Not that brinner left me hungry, but I had to make room for my very first delivery of veggies from Organic Angels! A small amount of veggies - next week I'll go for the large Vital Veggies box - but delicious and fresh and, for the most part, local! They delivered it whilst we were out, so it was fun to arrive home to a 'surprise' parcel on the back porch! Being home to accept the arrival was the one factor holding us back from joining a co-op or delivery service, so the fact that this team is happy to work around that factor earned them our custom! Broccoli, pumpkin, eggplant, carrots, leeks, snow peas, mushrooms, mixed lettuce, spinach, onions.... Perfection! I don't know how I'm going to use the leeks yet, but that's what holidays are all about - experimenting!

Meanwhile, I'm catching up on my reading, and am currently having my ideology yanked around by arguments showing that humans don't need any nutrition other than what can be provided by meat (albeit organic, wild, pastured, etc). Hmmm... But if this is true, it has already been shown that the current population cannot be sustained on meat alone as there is not enough space to raise and farm animals in this way... I'm happy to do what's best for my body, but I also need to know that the optimal human diet is actually feasible in this age of over-population and hyper-industrialisation. In the meantime, I'm still eating meat at least once per day, and am feeling so very wonderful! And very Australian! :D

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Quinadal said...

Just made the pancakes with thawed blueberries MMMMMMMMMM
A few weeks ago, I wouldn't have liked them. But after 5 days without any sweeteners, I actually TASTE food!