Sunday, June 21, 2009

Today's Tucker - 21/06/09

Today provided the excuse for a much-needed sleep in, and day of relaxation. So I woke up after noon, and gave the Shiatsu chair a good work out while I caught up with blog reading and such. Also took time between lunch and dinner (slept through breakfast) to give my Primal Treats recipes another run-through, so I'll be publishing those finalised recipes in just a moment...

Lunch: grilled organic lamb forequarter chops.

Dinner: entree of cheeky pumpkin soup.

Followed by a few little organic chicken drumsticks, roasted in a coconut/parmesan coating.

Then I, of course, had to sample the Almond Coconut Biscuits and the Primal Choco-Nutty Treats.

All washed down with copious amounts of organic white tea.

(Really, I think I'm now at the point where writing 'organic' before each meal/ingredient is obsolete. Even with Macro selling out...)

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