Monday, June 1, 2009

This Is What FOOD Looks Like:

Hell yeah.


Mark said...


kevin said...

what meat is that? what is the blue/purple stuff?

Sue said...

Are you eating the brocolli raw?
The blue/purple stuff looks like red abbage.

Sue said...

Finally, I can post a comment - couldn't get it to work yesterday.
Anyway, came across your blog via Mark Sisson. Really glad I did - its excellent and you're a fellow Aussie too. I'm from Perth.

Jezwyn said...

Haha, I thought I could get away with leaving the photo to speak for itself, since it captured one of my classic meals :)

My dinner last night:

Organic lamb forequarter chops
Red cabbage sauteed in coconut oil
Cos (Romaine) lettuce
Celery stalks
Fresh parsley
Cherry tomatoes
Kalamata olives
(all my fresh produce is organic)

The only improvement I could have made would have been to fry up an egg and slap it on the top of the lamb :)

Nice to meet a fellow Aussie, Sue!

brian said...

Aussie Brian here calling myself freeagent in other related blogs. Paleo now for four months, but have toyed with the concept for two years. So gonna try that caulifliour pizza.

great blog and great meals.

Jezwyn said...

Lovely to meet you, Brian!

Oh man, cauliflower pizza, you'll never go back to grain flour after that! I'm still keen to try an almond meal base, but why waste such a precious ingredient when cauli is tastier, healthier, and frankly far sweeter!? The only downside is the dairy, but pizza isn't pizza without cheese!

Anonymous said...

That looks beautiful....

I stumbled across your blog through another blog... can't remember which blog.. but your blog is definitely added to Google Reader now.

Thanks for posting all the beautiful pictures of the Paleo meals you cook. It puts my concoctions to shame and encourages me to eat Paleo.

I came to Vic in late Jan this year and live on the edge of the CBD, no car. Went to Vic Market initially for produce but stopped going because of work. Bought everything from Woolies and Coles until the veggies started looking more and more disgusting... then I went to Vic Market this Sunday. The produce looked fresh and gorgeous. I don't know why I stopped going to Vic Market. But I think I'll be going there every weekend again from now!

Do you buy everything from Macro?

Jezwyn said...

Maybe from Mark's Daily Appple? My mind is still blown by his pulic appreciation of my recipes (despite my mediocre photography).

I'd love to go to the Queen Vic Market more often - our pet store is across the way from the market, so we visit the area every month or so. At the moment we've been getting everything from Macro, but since that's becoming a Woolworth's Thomas Dux, I'm now buying my organic meat online (Organic Direct) and may turn to Organic Angels for my fruit & veg. I don't mind meat being delivered, but I prefer to browse and select my own produce. There is an tiny organic boutique 'grocer' in walking distance of my place, but the mark-up is mad, so it's for emergencies only! In the meantime I might join the farmer's market circuit, or at least go to the one at the Abbotsford Convent every month :)

Jezwyn said...

*public appreciation.

Well, if a typo was going to eliminate one of public's central consonants, I guess the b is the safer of the two... :)