Wednesday, June 3, 2009

They Ain't Pretty, But Sure Are Tasty! (Plus Rant)

I was going to do something fancy with the beef mince I had thawed, but hunger got the better of me, so I fried up some onions, and then mixed the meat, onions and organic eggs together in a bowl. Then I clumped the mix with my hands and created 6 gooey rissoles (like big meatballs, for all you folks across the ocean). Popped them in the oven for a while, then served them up with a handful of baby spinach.

The result:

Aw yeah. I ate them plain, the beau splashed his with balsamic, and I bet they'd be tasty with some fresh tomatoes too.

So anyway, I have an increasing intolerance for the negative, cynical attitudes towards the primal lifestyle. I haven't found much that fits into this category, but the moments I have stumbled upon an ignorant blog post have always had this in common:

"Waa, Primal/Paleo isn't some sort of magic quick-fix for weight loss, it's just caloric restriction, blaaahh... So don't even bother being strict about what you eat, you won't lose weight any faster anyway."

Yeah, um, putting all of the weight stuff to one side - how vain are you?! Is that really the be-all and end-all when it comes to health for some people? How about taking just a moment to reflect on the damage technological advances have done to the human animal (and every other animal)? How about the continuing evidence linking processed grains and sugars (and even unprocessed grains) to cancer, diabetes, heart problems, and obesity (and that's not merely a clothing problem, kids)?

But hey. If you can stay thin while living on pasta and chocolate cake, then sure, go ahead, eat all you can. But when you develop arthritis, osteoporosis, tumours, heart problems, dental problems, and cancer, don't bloody well turn around and claim you 'lived a healthy lifestyle' and how it's so unfair. If you're someone who is blindly following the dietary guidelines as set out by your Big Agra-funded governments, then you have a valid excuse. But if you're a health/fitness blogger who claims to be up-to-date on the scientific literature, then shame on you.


theshmaltz said...

Go girl! you rock! I've recently gone (mostly) primal and I didn't think I could feel better than I do now.

I'm a 42 yo bloke and I now feel like I'm 20 again (but with much less hair). While I've lost only a small amount of weight (about 4kg - I didn't have that much to loose in the first place), the biggest changes are to my general well-being and state of health. Now that I've cut out wheat, I now recognise the problems it was causing me (bloating, headaches and heartburn to name a few). I thought it was just the process of getting older.

I can now just see a mini 6-pack start to poke through my middle-age flab! Well done Jezwyn (from a former high-carb/low-fatter).

Anonymous said...


You left a comment about the vibram five fingers on my blog and how they might not work for your job. There is also the option of Vivo Barefeet, which look more like real shoes but have only a 3mm sole. They are found at

And since I know I'm part of this rant you've present, I answered your questions in hope of avoiding the association with promoting a cake and grain free for all, which I've never done in any of my writing.


Anonymous said...

Great looking recipe! I get a lot of weird looks since I have started the whole primal/paleo thing. But I feel a lot better now than I did before I was eating this way than I did with the typical carb heavy diet of most Americans. That alone is worth everything else. I have the energy to do school, work and exercise - instead of struggling through each day. After being frustrated for years on Weight Watchers, this is working and I love it! Screw the naysayers :)

Jezwyn said...

Hey Schmaltzy! Great to hear about your benefits of cutting grains - I wish my family would understand the links. Two members on Mum's side (not blood relatives) have Coelic's, and Dad's mother is Type 2 Diabetic, but even though those three had to cut grains out of their diet, the rest still think it's fine for them just because it won't *instantly* kill them.

Hiya Skyler - ooh, your posts were the least offensive of the idiocy I've been coming across lately. Your answers to my questions were all perfectly logical, and weren't exactly in line with the message conveyed by some of your posts! It's never successful to view any ideology purely in terms of its extremes and extremists - I suspect your view of paleo/primal eating is therefore exactly the same as the majority of us, so it's strange that someone as informed as you is so quick (and prolific) in your harsh judgement of others. I too fall into the trap of simplification and irresponsible activity online, but if you publish material online, you need to think about the less-informed folk who may stumble upon your blog and take your overt ostracism of following a primal/paleo lifestyle as complete. It certainly took a lot more reading before I uncovered your actual beef, which still seems little more than a rejection of a label while understanding and following all the principles (at least when weight-loss is desired, if not as a healthy lifestyle). I know there are people who take things too far, but we all know that the individual has to find out what works for them. We're on the same team - set the wheels of clean, primal eating and living in motion, and leave the individual to tweak as necessary.

Thanks Kimmitri! I don't get any weird looks (possibly because I usually have to eat at my desk or after work) other than a mocking eye-brow or two when I refuse chocolate or cake that is offered to me. This is often accompanied by "Oh, you're being so good!" Yes, yes I am. And I have to bite my tongue which aches to retort "It's not hard to refuse bite-sized chunks of garbage; if you know it's bad, why are you eating it?" I behave nicely (most of the time) to my colleagues, but my students all cop a bit of a lashing if the topic of low-fat food and 'healthy whole-grains' comes up! :)

Did you know that Weight Watchers used to be more in line with the primal way of life? High fiber, good protein, low carb... And then they switched, and everyone stayed fat and unhappy - a booming business! And to whichever genius managed to get people willing to pay to stand on some scales - congratulations! I am accountable to myself, and that's enough for me. :)

Sue said...

On another subject you mentioned coconut cream in a previous post. Do you whip it just like normal cream?

Jezwyn said...

I didn't get that far. I opened the can (it looked thick and creamy, I don't think it needs to be whipped and I'd be surprised if it responded the same way - any kitchen chemists reading this??), took a tiny taste, and then knew something wasn't right. An hour or so later, digestion took an unpleasant turn. Now the next time I foray into coconut cream territory I'll look for an organic, possibly more expensive brand - not that Ayam is cheap, but yeah...

theshmaltz said...

Jez, what was the problem with the coconut cream? We use the Ayam cream all the time and no problems (in smoothies, curries etc). It is quite thick and on it's own it does taste a bit funny, but once it's cooked or mixed with other ingredients, it's great. We freeze leftovers in the ice cube trays and pop a couple of cubes into smoothies.

Jezwyn said...

I think it was just a tainted can or something, because I very quickly felt nauseated and ended up with devastating diarrhea. I'm not allergic, since I consume coconut products all the time, and have had coconut cream before. There's another can in my cupboard but it was purchased at the same time and probably from the same batch, so I might dump it, and try again when I'm sure it's a different batch.

Quinadal said...

Hey! Did you actually write down the amounts for the rissole? They look tasty and I want to make them.
My parents think I'm crazy because I'm eating all this 'weird' stuff. But I'm gonna stick to primal, lose all this weight and control my diabetes!

Jezwyn said...

It's not a rocket-science-y meal to make - I usually have 500g trays of mince, so one of those, plus one chopped onion of whatever size and breed, and then enough beaten egg to keep the mixture sticking together. Bake at a moderate heat until cooked through.

All the best for your health efforts! I'm down more than 10kg after only six months (exactly), and I only ever had perhaps 15kg to lose, so we'll see how I look and feel after a few more kilograms are shed... But the bonuses of eating primal foods have made a much bigger impact on my health than mere weight-loss - I feel great!

Your parents think meat, eggs, and veg are 'weird'??! Makes me wonder if your diabetes is Type 2, perchance... ;) I look forward to hearing how you go - keep in touch! :)

Quinadal said...

Well, the meat, eggs and veggies, no..but the things I make with them lol like the almond pancakes, yes. They also seem to still think I'm eating 'too much fat'.
Type 2 it is. And I want to control it to keep it from becoming Type 1 and needing shots
I still need to lose 74 kg :(
Double curse of the diabetes and hypothyroidism

Jezwyn said...

Just remind them that saturated and monounsaturated fats are wonderfully healthy unless they are combined with high carb foods. Fat = long satiety and excellent natural source of energy. Processed grains and sugars = evil man-made junk that cause the human body to go haywire.

Don't blame the metabolic/thyroid issues - blame the diet and lifestyle you've been leading up until this point. I know diabetics who have stayed in a normal weight range despite the guidelines given by "diabetes experts" - all they did was ignore the 'healthfulwholegrains' crap. It wasn't until I started studying nutrition/dietetics that I realised how they were able to avoid what was perceived to be the 'normal' diabetes-related weight gain. My Gran actually lost weight after being diagnosed with Type 2. I often feel like slapping Type 2's who keep a stash of gummy bears in their pocket at all times, or choose to bolus!?!

End rant. :)

How do you get your fat? Through fatty cuts of meat, dairy, etc? You could disguise it a bit by using coconut oil to sauté your cabbage/greens etc; that's a daily meal/side dish for me. Or grill meat and collect the drippings to make a gravy or sauce. And there are always macadamia nuts... :D

Quinadal said...

Fatty meats, butter, cream, coconut oil, my bacon fat jar :D
Oh, I know how the processed carbs affect me. My legs get all swollen and I get headaches.
When I first got diagnosed with the diabetes, I went on the 'diabetic diet' low fat and high carb..lost the feeling in my feet and gained 20 lbs.
I was on Atkins for a few years, got the feeling back but never got down past 270 lbs..then I went off it and started eating crap again. I got back up to 333 lbs I decided I HAD to lose this weight!
Funny thing is, you'd never guess how much I weigh if you saw me! I have a large frame a 19 cm wrist!

Quinadal said...

I think I need to use a leaner ground beef for the rissoles. I tried to make them in a muffin pan but they didn't set right since the fat just sat there in the cup with the meat and eggs.

Jezwyn said...

Wow, that previous comment regarding your physiological response to the diabetes diet should be made into a bumper sticker. Seriously.

I have a large frame too - my wrist was around the 18cm mark but is now 17cm since I'm in my healthy weight range once more. My heaviest was just under 200 lbs, though I did weight a good 20 lbs more after my first year of Uni (freshman 15, anyone?), and I still carried it kinda well. I doubt I could get away with 333 lbs though :P How tall are you? M/F?

I make my rissoles on a tray lined with baking paper, so the excess egg/oil flows out and can be removed to mix into a sauce :) The ones in the pic above didn't shed enough to collect, but I was using some of Dad's mince from the farm = not lean, but grass fed and beautiful!

Quinadal said...

I'm 5'5" and female. I also wear a size 9 1/2 mens sneaker lol!
This was when I weighed 275