Saturday, June 27, 2009

Huzzah For The Holidays!

I fully intend on cranking out the tasty primal recipes for the next fortnight, as I have two weeks of rest and relaxation ahead of me!

However, today was against the norm - I had time to scoff down bacon and eggs for late breakfast before heading out for a day of pampering at a day spa! While the treatments were lovely, I found myself spending an awful long time lying around with nothing to do - in a vischy bath capsule, on a massage table while the girl took forever to "get the facial products", and then again while the facial mask dried. Boooring, and uncomfortable! I went in mainly to relax my lower back and feet, but sadly these areas received minimal attention; not even a foot massage! Boo. Thankfully, the boy compensated with doting affection and talented hands while we sat and watched a movie with visiting relatives. If only I could get my $400 back and give it to him (and yes, a huge extravagance, after a hellish term of teaching/directing shows/writing reports, so it's not like I do this every day).

After the movie, we headed off to Charcoal Grill On The Hill in Kew, where we drooled over the hearty steaks on display, and were promptly served our own. I went for a Porterhouse, medium-rare, with no dressing on my cos lettuce and cabbage. We also ordered a platter of grilled veggies. Utterly sublime, and oh-so-primal!

(Photo taken with beau's new iPhone - am not impressed. Sony Ericsson C905 FTW)

Tomorrow morning I'm making almond pancakes for my visiting mother; I'm already getting hungry just thinking about it!

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