Wednesday, June 17, 2009


Oh Gawd, is it totally sad that I'm thrilled, THRILLED that a mighty delivery of organic meats is coming my way this Saturday?? Oh sure, I have a play to go and see this weekend, and I'll be getting some much-needed rest after so many long days writing reports, and I plan to take in a massage treatment or a facial or something equally pampering and relaxing. These are all nice things. But no; what really has me jumping up and down like a frisky little bunny is the promise of MEAT in my fridge! No, literally!!

A delicious custom order from Organic Direct will ensure my fridge/freezer is packed with organic beef, lamb and chicken for the next month! My saviour now that Macro is selling out to Woolworths... Can't wait to meet Peter this weekend - maybe if I tell him that he's getting promoted on the Internet by yours truly, he'll hurry up and start supplying organic pork! Oooh, if I could get organic, free range pork roasts, I'd just live off meat forever...

In the meantime, here's what I ate today:

Breakfast: yeah no. That was never going to happen. I had planned to get up and shower this morning also. Yeah no. Even the fringe was pinned back today, lest I looked like some teenage bogan. Not hot for an English teacher. I made up for the crap hair with an awesome outfit, which will be even more awesome when the hair is flowing and clean...

Lunch: Leftover Primal Beef Curry - garnered quite a lot of interest in the staffroom, I tell you.

Afternoon snack: Primal Almond Cookies - still so crunchy and nom.

Dinner: Had to be meat. Oh yes. I was craving meat like crazy. So since the boy was tacking care of his own dinner (never a good idea - here's proof), I felt it was safe to have my old favourite hit of protein:

Lamb forequarter chops, scrambled eggs, and lettuce. Oh yes.


theshmaltz said...

Hi Jez. Thanks for posting on your source of meat. Will give them a try. We've been looking for a source of good organic chicken recently but only really seen them at the farmer's markets. We used to get beef from a farm in East Gippsland but with mixed success. Do you know if OD's beef/lamb is pasture fed? They obviously say they are organic, but are the animals pasture fed? Shmalzty

Jezwyn said...

I'll be asking on Saturday when my meat arrives (omgomgomg!!!), but I have fairly high hopes considering their website states that the meat is also free-range, and 'naturally leaner' (implying less or no grain in their diet). Plus, given that I grew up in Victorian farming districts, I know that our animals grow up primarily on pasture - it's just the demand from Coles/Woolworths that their suppliers pump their animals full of drugs that I'm trying to avoid.
(And yes, I know that information due to a first-hand source who was offered a contract from Coles, on the condition that he injected all his animals with hormones etc. Depressing.)