Friday, June 26, 2009

Today's Tucker - 26/06/09

A quick post as I'm heading out to celebrate the end of the semester - the first half of the year has truly flown, despite the huge events I've tackled thus far.

Breakfast: mini frittatas made yesterday.

Lunch: more mini frittatas, whilest deftly avoiding all of the chocolate, candy, chips and soft drink that the kids were scoffing (gotta love class parties). My frittatas went down very well though; they disappeared quickly!

Dinner: I was meant to go out for dinner at 7pm, but at 5pm I was ravenous, so fixed myself a snack -

After logging it all in Spark, I realised that my 'snack' had pushed me to the top of my daily limit, so had to opt out of dinner, oops! Hopefully the silverbeet, red cabbage and bacon will keep me sated so that I won't be tempted by any vaguely primal snacks that appear between the jugs of beer...

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