Saturday, July 4, 2009

Today's Tucker - 03/07/09

Another glorious sleep-in, made bittersweet by having to bid the boy farewell as he ventures to Canberra to participate in an impro festival. I enjoyed my solitude for a while, then headed out into the city for some culture, taking in some art at Fed Square, a very exciting dining experience at Kobe Jones, and an absolute marvel of a play, The Man From Mukinupin, at the MTC.

Breakfast (past noon again):

Mushrooms, fried ham (all out of bacon), and scrambled eggs. A satisfying, stick-to-your-ribs start to the day!

Snacked on some almonds and 100% chocolate before heading into the city...

Dinner at Kobe Jones:

Sashimi Salad - salmon, prawn and whitefish sashimi topped with questionable 'crab salad' on a big-ass bed of mixed greens, sprinkled generously with salmon roe! My favourite! Served with ponzo dressing, which I had on the side and didn't touch.

The main - lobster tail, mushroom and broccoli 'on the rock'; a 500°C piece of marble upon which to cook the lobster, served with dipping sauces (which I ignored). How very primal to still be able to cook your own food! Utterly delicious, and not all that expensive for lobster - under $50 for a generous serving of ~200g of meat. Divine!

Arrived home after the play quite late, and was being hit with definite hunger pangs, so whipped up a quick plate of lamb chops:


But that was only an hour ago, and again I'm having empty-tummy pangs... Something tells me that my suspicion regarding the 'crab salad' part of my sashimi salad as being 'seafood stick-esque' and therefore made with flour wasn't far off... :( I will have to just sup on my tea and get myself to bed as soon as I can tear myself away from my very addictive new game... Plus, the prospect of going to bed alone is never inviting. It's cold!!

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