Tuesday, May 19, 2009

1 - revving the engines

Today was the last day of relative normality, as all of tomorrow will be taken up with FAME dress rehearsing in front of an audience of primary school children (how they take to the erection song, we'll soon find out), and the show opens to public scrutiny as of Thursday. See you on the other side...

Breakfast -
The Usual with bacon, and an unfortunate melted-cheese-spurting incident which caused me much early morning stress and has put me off including cheese for a bit. I reckon I'll go back to fried eggs and bacon for a while, see how long that lasts...

Lunch - nicked off to the shops with a colleague, and grabbed some sandwich filler (minus the bread): roast beef and green salad. The guy there is great, he chopped up some tomato to make my salad more interesting for me :)

Dinner -
an organic lamb roast which refused to cook through. Bah. Ended up eating our roast veggies as a first course:

Man, my photographic skills are slipping- there mayhaps be a correlation between my willingness to carefully set up, light and take a shot and my excited taste buds... Anyway, the plate on the left is mine - roast fennel, carrot, pumpkin and zucchini, whereas the boy scored roasted capsicum, carrot and zucchini, as he's not a fan of fennel nor pumpkin in a savory context. Crazy person! Pumpkin has just entered my 'favourite food' zone, despite my apathy towards the buxom redhead in years past.

After sitting in the oven for an extra hour (and accompanied by more pumpkin), the lamb finally cooked through and was served with sautéed red cabbage (of course):

Sorry again. Will have more self-restraint from now on. Promise. See, I'm already exercising more control - I was able to package up the leftover lamb for lunch tomorrow, and have made a salad of rocket and cherry tomato to accompany it.

Now... Do I eat my dessert of thawed raspberries with or without cream?... Such a dilemma...

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