Friday, May 1, 2009

The Fast & The... quite content, actually.

Closed the eating window at 3:30pm yesterday. Went to bed at midnight, and woke at 11am. Was meant to eat at noon...

I was distracted. Lots of tweets to read, lots of catching up to do, blog posts to respond to, ebay auctions to monitor, blah blah blah... And then it's 2pm. And I still haven't felt hunger in the real sense (I did get a bit rumbly when reading about the pre-fast meals of my Twitter buddies, but I was still energetic).

But I finally cut the cord between myself and my computer, and quickly prepared a tasty brunch (it's serving the purposes of breakfast and lunch, but it's a little later than your usual brunch):

The Usual (without ham, we've run out)
A chicken breast left over from yesterday's roast chook
Red cabbage sauteed in coconut oil

And I finally remembered to take a picture so you can see my Usual breakfast!

Mmm, see the melted cheddar pooling near the mouth of the omelette? Now just imagine a piece of crispy ham lying against it... Can't wait for Coles Online to arrive with more ham; they'll arrive after I close the eating window, but I'm already looking forward to tomorrow's breakfast...

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