Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Today's Tucker - 6/05/09

I intended to fast today, from breakfast til tomorrow's breakfast, but I needed my sleep and left only minimal time to scarf The Usual down before work.

No lunch, due to time constraints (both to prepare lunch in the morning and to eat lunch in the arvo), and while I thought a bit about food, I wasn't hungry.

Arrived home at 4pm and decided skipping dinner wouldn't be the best idea, so crunched some almonds and grilled up some lamb chops. Whacked the defrosted 1/2 leg of lamb in the oven and after two hours covered in foil and 30 minutes naked, simply melted off the bone!

All in all, I reckon I downed a good 600 or 700g of lamb in the past 3 hours! And yet, I don't feel stuffed in the least! I feel like a leopard, strong and streamlined; my love-handles have almost melted away completely; my shoulders are slender; and despite catching a cold and suffering from laryngitis, I've never felt more fit and healthy. Here's hoping that this feeling lasts for the next three-and-a-half weeks, and that I don't become the living dead half-way through the run of FAME. Opening in just two weeks...

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