Sunday, May 3, 2009

Today's Tucker - 3/5/09

Well, let's just say the food was certainly the high point of today's shenanigans.


The Usual, with a generous side of bacon. Served me very well, kept me going through a tough day of rehearsal - I wasn't even hungry for dinner:

Surf 'N Turf! Salmon fillet, lamb fillet, sautéed red cabbage and spinach, and wild rocket salad with olives, cheddar cheese and cherry tomatoes.

Yeah, I wasn't hungry, but I sure as heck ate it anyways:

... Yeah. And now I've just remembered that I have Parent/Teacher Interviews tomorrow afternoon/night, and now haven't any leftovers (the school provides "food" for the staff, but it's always crap like finger sandwiches and pastries!). Guess I'll be packaging some nuts and cold meats, maybe some boiled eggs...

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