Monday, May 4, 2009

Today's Tucker - 4/5/09

Breakfast - The Usual with bacon - same as yesterday.

Lunch - a small handful of almonds.

Break during long Parent/Teacher Interview session - two slices of beef lunch meat and two pieces of lettuce (hey, I didn't expect anything even vaguely Primal to be served up to us, so I was very happy!)

Dinner #1 - baby octopus with capsicum, cabbage and tomato. This photo is from the first time I made my baby octopus salad, but I couldn't bear going out to get basil so I subbed in some cabbage instead:

Dinner #2 - baby octopus salad was low in fat and my system was craving some fatty protein, so I went back and grilled some beef patties and some cabbage sautéed in coconut oil. And then I went and had some chocolate. I now feel ill and would consider fasting but I have another huge day tomorrow followed by hours of rehearsal, so I better get some breakfast into me even if I skip lunch. I've been hitting the 1500kcal range for the past few days, while I've been sick, but today I bumped it up to 2000kcal (was only at 1200kcal after Dinner #1, so no surprise I wasn't sated!). Bleurgh, pokey-out gutness.

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