Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Today's Tucker - 5/5/09

Breakfast - The Usual (no bacon this morning, have now restocked)

What a hellish yet amazing day. Run off my feet from 8:30am til 6pm, yet events unfolded pleasantly, especially with a very positive rehearsal session in the late arvo. I didn't even notice that I missed lunch.

Dinner - slacked off and picked up a roast chicken from the lovely free-range place down the road. Served it up with sautéed cabbage and spinach, with some sliced fresh capsicum.

Which plate would you prefer -



To me, it's no contest whatsoever, but at least breast meat roasted in oil-slathered chicken stays tasty and moist.

Did a quick grocery run despite the organic butcher being shut and the organic produce delivery still being a few days away - scooped up my two favourite non-bacon meat cuts - lamb forequarter chops and chicken drumsticks. Yum! I can't believe these pieces tend to be the bulk buy bargains whenever I'm in need of some tasty, fatty meats - luck is on my side! And cheaper meat helps to balance my somewhat less thrifty tastes for gourmet cheeses and organic eggs. Still keeping an eye out of pastured eggs, but can't find them. Perhaps at Macro?

Haven't even started on my blog reading for the day - was alerted to this site about fasting and I've barely scratched the surface of its depth of content. I might flip through some of my lighter blog subscriptions now though, since midnight is catching up with me. Hopefully I will actually sleep well tonight! Cross your fingers for me...

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