Monday, May 25, 2009

Zombie Shufflin'

Today was a fight between my intellectual drive and my all-but-complete physical exhaustion. After the first half of the production's season, my body is utterly knackered, and eight hours of sleep sure didn't cut it. I planned a sleep-in, setting my alarm for a last minute rousing, shunning the pretense of the earlier wake-up to be followed by continuous snoozing. This meant I was skipping breakfast, but I packed some almond porridge for a late lunch, post fast. Ended up doing a Fast 5, eating between 4pm and 9pm.


Baby octopus, green capsicum, wilted rocket, mushrooms, and haloumi.

Washed it all down with:

Two of my almond & linseed muffins, a big handful of blueberries, and a little cream cheese. Oh wow. I'll be upping my blueberry intake from now on, seeing as how Dr. Jonny Bowden shared the findings of a study linking blueberries to a reduction in abdominal fat. And while it's an occasional treat, cream cheese is just magical paired with my muffins and fruit. The perfect way to begin a fast...

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Sue said...

I've started having the blueberries with cream cheese and dash of cinnamon - so yummy.

Tried fried haloumi for the first time really like it - was a bit chewy but tasty.
The red cabbage fried in butter was scrumptious.