Sunday, May 10, 2009

Counting Backwards From 10...

After a couple of hellish days punctuated by skipped lunches and late-night face-stuffing (admittedly, I was snacking on meat and veg and sugar-free choc, so not altogether naughty), I kicked my system back into shape by sleeping in until past noon and fasting for 19 or 20 hours (I don't remember exactly when I had my last bit of choc last night.

We jumped in the car upon waking and tootled off to Macro Wholefoods Market, which wasn't as expensive as I remembered it to be - either organic food is more competitively supplied, or I was a serious tight-wad of a Uni student 5 years ago... Possibly a bit of both. We still shopped the perimetre, grabbing a couple of organic roasts and steaks and even my oh-so-favoured lamb forequarter chops, still cheap despite the organicness.Then we hit up the veggie bar, grabbing big bagfuls of mixed lettuce, spinach, red cabbage, and even kale! I'm very excited - I even snacked on lettuce between dinner and dessert!

Post-shopping refrigerator:

At 5:30pm I broke my fast with the organic beef roast, marinated in tomato and rosemary, served with ham & cheese cauliflower and mixed lettuce:

Then I enjoyed a bowl of mixed lettuce (I cut up some leftover cheddar and kabana, but decided after the first mouthful that I wasn't interested, and in fact wanted the tang of red lettuce... What's happened to me??!), followed by your typical, anti-hedonist, "help me this way of eating is leaving me feeling oh-so-deprived" dessert:

Oooh yeah. Chocolate muffin made of linseed and almond meals, pure cocoa, coconut and psyllium. Served with whipped cream and defrosted berries (hence the extravagant amount of juice). Sweet, sweet heaven. At just over 200 kcal for the lot, and 5g net carbs (and a 9g punch of fibre!) I don't think it comes any sweeter...

FAME opens in 10 days. There's still some performance polishing to do, lighting needs to be bumped-in and plotted, but we'll definitely be ready to go at show time. I'll be up in the box calling the tech side of the show, which wasn't what I was expecting - I imagined being backstage, prompting or helping with costumes, but apparently my predecessor was a Tech Goddess and I have to fill her shoes... We'll just ignore the fact that I've never done anything like this before and would much rather be helping quell stage jitters than dealing with tech crises... Fingers crossed!!

And in the meantime, I have 9 more of these chocolatey bad-boys in my freezer, ready to pop into my handbag to get me through long hours of rehearsal. Things are looking up.

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Anonymous said...

A choc dessert with 200 cals?! Oh, I don't believe it!! :-)