Monday, May 11, 2009

9 - with ticks in all the boxes

A top food day today, after fasting yesterday. As a result I'm feeling light and lithe, although I've also loosened a bit around the belly - gotta love/hate that visible fat burning...

Breakfast - The Usual.

Lunch - some cheddar and kabana (yes, I was running late and knew to grab SOMEthing because I was going to be late home thanks to my Monash Uni students coming for their tutorial), and two of my AMAZING chocolate muffins!! You saw it served as last night's dessert, but today I just grabbed two out of the freezer (where they are individually cling-wrapped in a resealable bag for continued freshness and aroma), and dumped then in my lunchbox. They were thawed enough to eat by 'brunchtime' at 11am.

They kept me going well until 6:30pm, when I was walking home in the dark, imagining the taste lamb chops I would be gobbling up soon enough... Gotta love it when the inner hedonist makes its presence known, yum...

Dinner: all organic! Lamb forequarter chop, fried egg with parsley, sauteed brussels sprouts, spinach and mushrooms. I also cooked up a couple of chicken drumsticks but there were still in the oven at photo time. I noshed on some grape tomatoes while everything was cooking. But here's the centrepiece of the evening:

My food log assessed my day as being PERFECT in terms of carbs (21g net), calories (1748 if I include the butter used for sautéeing, and I over-estimate my cheese intake just in case...), fibre, fat and protein! And I walked to and from work today, so that's 45mins light exercise in the bank, and I had to carry around my big tub of books all day, and I kept my liquid intake up, and even got some sun! Perfection!

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