Saturday, May 16, 2009

4 - Macro Wholefoods Market vs Coles Online

Now that I've had my second go at stocking the fridge and pantry via the Macro Wholefoods Market in Richmond, I decided to compare the pricing of my purchases at Macro to the costs currently listen on Coles Online. This isn't the sexiest table in the world, but hopefully it's clear enough:

ItemMacro Wholefoods Coles Online
Celery$6.99 each$1.75 (not organic)
Mixed Salad Leaves$24.99/kg$34.50/kg (not organic)
Green capsicum$4.99/kg$4.99/kg (not organic)
Green cabbage, half$2.99$2.49 (not organic)
Red cabbage, half$3.49$2.99 (not organic)
Brussel Sprouts$15.99/kg$2.75/kg (not organic)
Cherry tomatoes$3.99/punnet$1.79/punnet (not organic)
Cauliflower$3.49/half$4.49/whole organic
Carrots$3.49/kg$3.49/kg organic
Mushrooms$5.99/150g punnet$5.99/150g punnet organic
Wild rocket, pre-bagged$3.99$3.78 organic
Zucchini$7.99/kg$11.00/kg organic
Raspberries, frozen$8.19/500g$7.50/500g (not organic)
Bacon$6.49/250g$3.48/250g (not organic)
Shaved ham$3.99/100g$4.29/100g (not organic)
Butter$3.00/250g$6.60/250g organic
Eggs$7.49/dozen$7.62/ten organic
Lamb roast, marinated$12.50$18.00 (not organic)
Beef scotch fillets$15 for two$15 for 2 (not organic)
Beef roast, marinated$13.30$16.50 (not organic)
Chicken, whole$12.99/kg$6.99 (free-range/not organic)

From this data, we can see that more often than not, it's not much more expensive to get organic vegetables, especially since Coles tends to stock a limited range of organic veggies, which are as expensive if not moreso than their Macro counterparts. Meat is still hit-and-miss, though going for the meat that is on special at Macro helps keep costs equivalent. Eggs and dairy tend to balance out, as do deli options.

Conclusion - it's really not that much more expensive to cut chemicals and growth-hormones out of your groceries, and by shopping at Macro you're also supporting sustainable farming. Plus, since one of the other options for buying organic produce is 'lucky dip' fruit & veg boxes delivered to you - a method that is bound to result in a certain amount of waste since you might end up with unpleasant combinations - by selecting exactly what you want via Macro you're minimising landfill. Macro also does home delivery, so if it's a convenience issue, they've got that covered too. I would still prefer to support a local farmers market or some such, but time is a huge issue and the nearest market is a decent drive anyway.

Skipped breakfast again today, and enjoyed a late, decadent lunch of coconut chicken drumsticks with parsley. Mmm.

Dinner was eventful - I grilled some organic lamb forequarter chops and chopped up bits of pretty much every veggie bought today, including some mushrooms, and tossed them in the frying pan:

Then things took an ugly turn - I turned on the oven ready to bake my frittata, and added the eggs into the veggies to bake the bottom-half. Then I opened the over door to slide the pan under the broiler, and instead was blasted with stinky smoke and an entire lack of heat. Yum. Turns out the outer-burner blew up; thanks, Landlord, for installing the cheapest over you could find.

So, instead I tried to cook the frittata completely on the cook-top - i.e., burn the bottom-half until the top vaguely sets. It tasted fine in the end though, but I had wanted to add cheese and herbs on top, so it seemed lacking despite being full of cherry tomatoes, mushrooms, red cabbage, green capsicum, and zucchini. Bleh. Might be good cold tomorrow morning, like pizza.

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