Sunday, May 17, 2009

3 - poor me

Since beginning this trek towards dietetic awareness and sustainable eating, I've 'suffered' from too much available time to think and research and obsess and weigh (food) and so on.

Not today.

Today was the tech run of the show I'm directing. Anyone who has ever worked in the theatre will know what my day was like.

I even had breakfast (albeit at 11:15am, after a much-needed sleep-in). The Usual, with bacon on the side.

After rehearsal the beau and I went to the Greek restaurant near us that does the killer Mixed Grill and simple sides. Tonight I went for the Horta, which is wilted chicory with olive oil and lemon juice. Delicious. I even found, for the first time, that the mixed grill didn't stuff me full like it used to - indeed, I subjected my poor beau to my impassionated crunching of spatchcock bones once I could tolerate ineffectively scratching at the meat with my fork no longer! Yes, I chucked whole sections of the teeny bird in my mouth, and chowed down on bones. I think three were too big for me to satisfactorily decimate. I may be insane, but I'm sated!

Came home wanting some comfort food:

Sorry about the terrible photo, but that's actually a scrumptious bowlful of mixed berries (defrosted), whipped cream, and shaved dark chocolate. I am comforted. And also very tired. Two days of normal work ahead of me, then the huge all-day Dress Rehearsal, and then we open. So for the next two weeks, Thursdays and Fridays for me will mean full days of teaching, and then full nights of running the show. Weekends will also be jam-packed with shows. Here's hoping I can keep up the primal food supply despite so little down-time, and so many meals provided for me (and at this point, I have not been quizzed on dietary requirements, yikes...)

I can't wait for June.


Mark Lee said...

My girlfriend and I use Twitter, among other things, for Primal and I-fast networking. Your name kept popping up.

What a wonderful journey! I look forward to lurking a bit as you continue on with your primal lifestyle.

Jezwyn said...

Thanks Mark! I'd love to know how you guys are going with the primal lifestyle - do you post anywhere other than via Twitter?

Jezwyn said...

Found your blog! :)

For other readers, find some fab recipes etc at