Thursday, May 14, 2009

6 - keeping busy, and being a warrior princess

Today was one of those non-stop 10 hour work days, but I was able to stay motivated right through til the end of rehearsal. Yay me!

Decided to skip breakfast in favour of a few more minutes of snoozing, but packed leftover chicken and rocquette plus two of my muffins for lunch, which I found time to eat at around 1:30pm, ending a 19 hour fast.

Then it was time for dinner:

Pork forequarter chop (400g inc. bone, aw yeah), with red cabbage, kale and slivered almond salad.

You'd think that would fill me up, but no, I had to wash it all down with this:

Cheese omelette with sautéed rocket. Sure hit the spot.

But now I'm munching on almonds and some super-dark choc. I'll lock everything away at 10pm, since I'll be collapsing onto my pillow not long after that. I'm definitely responding well to the skipped-breakfast routine. After all, it's how I subsisted throughout Year 12. And I was certainly at my healthiest, slimmest and most focussed that year. No cognitive fuzzies thus far either; I haven't noticed a change at all. I want to find more scientific research in this area though, before I can completely trust that I'm doing a good thing where my body is concerned. Especially since I'll need all the clarity and energy I can get over the next three weeks. Six more sleeps...

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